Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

T-I-D-B-I-T-S.....GO BITS GO!!!

* Feliz Cinco de Mayo Amigos! In honor of Cinco de Mayo Dad and I had lunch at El Mundo (Delicious) and then we were going get some Chaco Tacos from Taco Bell for everyone at work. Well as it turns out they stopped selling Chaco Tacos years ago because the employees kept eating them (honest to god). So, we got cinnamon twists instead!

* Two awesome posts from the geniuses over at Failblog. The first I was actually sent in an e-mail a while back and it's a video of a surefire way to fail a breathalyzer:

The next is a mugshot photo...of a man who has been out in the sun too long:
That's gross...just disgusting.

* So once College Basketball is over I usually turn up my interest in European soccer. My team is Liverpool but they're out of the Champions League tournament so now I root for whoever is playing Manchester United, because in the words of a bartender from Manchester, "People from Manchester don't even like Man U, only some lousy Americans like Man U." Sadly Man U is going to win today and move into the final. While this does make me a bit sad, I'm happy because I follow the games online at Yahoosports and they have awesome live commentary. Here are two jewels from today's match:

"Arsene Wenger (Arsenal's coach) on the bench looks like he's just had his birthday canceled and been told that his cat has a terminal disease all at the same time."
- I hate when that happens at the same time!

"Ronaldo himself takes the free kick - and pings it hard, on target... but this time Almunia's hands are as solid as a three-week-old loaf of granary bread."
- How solid is three-week-old granary bread? Pretty damn solid apparently.

I love British people.

* Tonight don't miss the second to last episode of Scrubs. It's on at 8 on ABC. Also at 8 on TNT, Lebron and the Cavs are finally back in action.

* And Last but not least we have some photos from the Micro-Mini thanks to Dude.
Action shot

Cullen, the winner...selling corndogs

The participants in the 1st ever Micro Mini Marathon!

Alright, that's all for me today...have a bueno Martes compadres!

Song of the Day: Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
Beer of the Day: Negro Modelo

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