Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Three Most Bizarre Things I've Seen In A While...

There are about 5 websites/blogs that I visit every single day. They are always entertaining, but sometimes they have things that are just truly bizarre. Today I found three really odd things.

1.) I stumbled upon this one while reading some sports blogs on yahoo sports. Apparently some guy bought a Greg Oden sports figure and decided to make it into a photography assignment. It sounds odd...but every day for one year this guy took a random picture of this Greg Oden figure.
Check it: 365 Days with inanimate Greg Oden
This is a either a great example of creativeness or a great example of someone who has too much time on their hands. Either way, it's amusing.

2.) The second thing I found on and it's the photographic dictionary. Basically this is a website that is “dedicated to defining words through literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.” So yeah, you just pick a letter, click on a word and see the photograph. My favorite part is that they are really cool pictures. Check these three out.

Check out some of the other cool ones, but be careful because some of them show a little skin.

3.) This is something I saw today that's a pretty funny tool. Have you ever had someone ask you about something and you thought to yourself, "Why doesn't that person just google the darn thing?" is how you get back to them. You go to "Let Me Google That For You (" and then you just follow the instructions and send them a link like this. It's better if you type in the actual thing they need to google...but as it turns out, I'm not that nice.

Alright gang, there are three bizarre things to entertain you for a while. I'm off to trivia soon.

Later on.

Song of the Day: The National - Start a War
Beer of the Day: Smithwick's

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