Monday, May 18, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Yep this day one year ago, I walked across the stage and received my diploma from Centre College. While I was happy to be finished with school and proud to have accomplished a fine task, I'll never forget the uncertainty and sadness that I felt leaving that school for the last time.

People often say that your years in college are the best of your life and while I am certain that isn't true for everyone, I can honestly say that for probably is. That doesn't mean I don't like my life now or that I'm not excited about my future, it's just that my college life was enjoyable on every level.

I could spend this entire post talking about how wonderful Centre College is, but that's not what made college for me. The professors, the campus and the city of Danville were all major positives for my 3 years at Centre...but without the friends that I made my life at Centre wouldn't have been nearly as grand as it was.

That is what the sadness and uncertainty was about on graduation day. The group of 10-15 people that I had grown so close to was being spilt up (it was similar to the feelings I had when my best friends went away to different schools after high school) and no one knew what to think or how to feel. Would we stay in touch? Would we see each other again? Would it be awkward the next time we all got together? No one knew.

Thankfully (just like with my high school friends) we have stayed in touch and there isn't an ounce of awkwardness when we are together.

We're all spread across the country these days. We've got people in Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee and more and we're all working at reaching that uncomfortable next step in our life...but we're all still in touch.

So exactly one year after graduation the feelings of sadness and uncertainty have gone away...but the sense of pride and happiness still remains. Proud to have maintained the friendships and happy because summer break has allowed everyone to return closer to least for a few weeks.

Have a great Monday everyone.

Song of the Day: The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
Beer of the Day: Guinness 250

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