Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...On Wednesday

Yeah this week is all jacked up, oh well...

* So here's something funny. Remember when I bashed the heck out of Boombozz Taphouse a few weeks ago? Well yesterday I got an e-mail because someone had commented on the blog. Turns out that Tony Palombino, the founder of Boombozz taphouse, read the blog and then dropped me a comment apologizing for my experience there. Then he informed me that he would send me a free dinner if I would reconsider and come back. This is cool for two reasons. The first is that I appreciate the fact that Mr. Palombino is seeking out reviews of his restaurant and trying to fix things and apologize and such. I didn't think I was going to go back, but I'm all for another shot now. The other thing this proves to that this Blog has magical powers. I need to be careful with this power.

* A storm hit downtown Louisville this afternoon and knocked the lights out at work for about an hour. It was pretty nice to just kinda sit and relax...although when they came back on and we had to resume working...that was kind of a bummer. Still, nice little break though.

* So honestly, someone else on the Cavs has got to step up. I mean Lebron is about as close to superman is it gets...but he really can't get to the finals all by himself. It's frustrating to see a guy play so hard, only to be let down. I feel bad for Lebron.

Also, when he hit his game winner the other night this news cast was going on in's pretty funny. Check out the dude in the back jumping around...awesome.

* There has been a bit of a LoB inspired blog Revolution! I'll tell you more about it later in the week.

* Artist Steve Keene has an exhibit going on at the Green Building on Market Street from now until Friday. I like Steve Keene because he makes awesome pop culture paintings based on music, movies, sports and travel and because he believes art should be like music and it should cost the same price for a piece of art that it does for a cd. Here is some of his work.
* Finally, and sorry to end of a sad note, Taylor's cat Otis has been diagnosed with Vestibular disease and what appears to be kidney disease. There isn't a cure, but once the various kinds of medication he's taking take effect he should be able to live a normal life for a good amount of time. Still, it's a lot for the little man to deal with. If you could keep Otis in your kitty thoughts I'd appreciate it.

Have a good day!

Song of the Day: The Doors - Love Me Two Times
Beer of the Day: Goose Island - 312

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