Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Facts

It's a lazy, stormy Friday...

...So I've decided to hit you with some Friday facts today.

1.) We placed second in last night's trivia game, this brings our season winnings to $75 in just two appearances. I think after a few more weeks it'll be safe to say that we'll pretty much have free Bearno's pizza for life.

2.) So Lebron James is better at basketball then everyone on the planet...EVERYONE!

3.) I think I'm going to buy a ukulele. I know it seems a bit odd but I have my reasons. I'll make a final decision soon and then I'll give you an update sometime soon.

4.) This is going to be a busy/awesome weekend. Tonight is Daniel's bachelor party, which means mucho beers along b-town road tonight. Tomorrow is Ben and Megs' law school graduation, then Sunday is of course Mother's Day. I need a second wind.

5.) For the record...Taylor is home in a week! Calling me excited would be an understatement.

6.) I don't care that Manny Ramirez got suspended. Actually I did care when I first heard, but I really didn't care after the 3 hours of coverage on ESPN that didn't give me any new information.

7.) I really really really really really really reaaaaaaallllllly don't care that Brett Favre is "staying retired." Because he'll continue to be in the news until the season starts and even then he'll still be talked about. I love Brett...but give it up already you attention loving mad man.

8.) Solid article on everyone's favorite Cellist, Ben Sollee, in today's Courier Journal. Coolest part is that he's planning an EP with Jim James...byahh!

9.) Here is a video to add some laughter to your Friday.

Obviously she is not a golfer

10.) Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: Ben Sollee - It's Not Impossible
Beer of the Weekend: Heavy Seas - Holy Sheet (Uber Abbey Ale)

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