Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's wrong with people on elevators?

I rode an elevator 6 times today, on those 6 rides I rode with 9 different people, of those 9 people...I spoke to one of them.

I don't know why this bothered me so much today, but why are people so unfriendly to each other? If someone steps onto a crowded elevator, why does everyone immediately look at the floor? It's horrible.

I mean I'm not asking someone to engage in a 5 minute conversation with me...but would it kill someone to make eye contact with me and respond when I say, "How's it going?" For the first 5 elevator rides I stepped on, kept my head up, looked at each individual riding with me and each time I got the same thing...long, awkward stares at the ground.

This whole thing isn't about me. It's not like I think I'm so important that people need to recognize that I'm on the same elevator with them and say hello. No no, it's about being polite and friendly to your fellow citizens.

When I walk down the street in my neighborhood I try to say hello or flash a smile to every person who walks past me. It's not that I'm trying to spread unlimited happiness to the world, it's because I live in that neighborhood and just wanted to say hi to a fellow neighbor.

I'm sorry to rant today, I just couldn't believe that 8 people would be in a tiny box with others and no one would try to even smile or say hello to the person next to them. Maybe they're shy or maybe they're having a bad day. But screw that, society as a whole doesn't function too well unless people can communicate with each other and if we can't even be bothered to smile or say hello to others on an elevator or walking down the street...I fear that we are all in big trouble.

Luckily, the very last elevator ride I took today restored my faith in people a bit. I hopped on at the 16th floor and wanted to go down to the main level. I pushed the G button on accident and then I hit the 1 because that's where we needed to get off. On the 12th floor an older woman in her late 60s hopped on the elevator with me. She went to push 1 as well and then realized that I was the only person on the elevator and two buttons were pushed. She looked at me and said, "Wow, there are two buttons pushed and you're the only one in here...what's going on?" I laughed and explained that I had just hit the wrong button on accident. She laughed a bit too and then said, "Oh, I thought you were just really suave and you were trying to pick my floor for me before I even got on." I smiled and laughed a bit and then she told me to have a nice day and left on her way.

Now, that's a pretty lame story...but it made my day. That old lady made my day. She was nice, she was friendly and she left me thinking, wouldn't it be nice if everyone were as polite and nice as her? I mean I know nothing about her, I won't see her ever again and I barely said 2 sentences to her. But, because she refused to look down and she kept her head up, she made my day.

So, the moral of this whole long ridiculous story is this: Keep your head up when you get on an elevator, looking down makes you seem like a grumpy ol' bastard.

Enjoy your Thursdays everyone!

Song of the Day: OutKast - Elevators
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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