Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today is a Better Day...

Some days, like yesterday, are bad. Others, like today, are much better. After a frustrating Wednesday, things are getting better all the time. Here's a look at some stuff that's going well today...

1.) I had a meeting with the Athletic Department at UofL and it went well. They're going to e-mail me a schedule soon and I'll be working in their marketing department. I won't get paid and I'll only work like 15 hours a week, but I'll be working in the office some, promoting games, helping out at games and doing all sorts of other crazy stuff. I'm pretty pumped.

2.) Not only did the Internet people come and fix my Internet at 9 this morning. I also got a call from the Senior Vice President of Operations. He apologized and told me that if I ever had any more trouble I could just call him directly. Turns out, I have a pretty important connection with the company!

3.) With my schedule about to get crazy busy with school, internships, work, etc. I decided to take off and head to Charleston this weekend. It'll be nice to see Taylor and rest up before coming back and hitting the ground running. That also means I won't be blogging tomorrow, sorry.

4.) New Office & 30 Rock tonight. Even though I hate NBC right now, I still love those shows.

5.) Get the DVRs ready. Conan's last show is Friday night and it will feature Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell and Neil Young. Also, the Avett Brothers are on ACL this weekend on PBS.

6.) Jeff Bridges has officially been added to the LoB "Awesome person" list. After seeing him at the Golden Globes and seeing him on Conan the other night...the guy is just a bad ass. I mean, he's The Dude.

7.) So I heard about this new Beatles movie about John Lennon's early life called "Nowhere Boy" (clever I know) and I watched a trailer for it today. Check it:

Did you guys pick up on that too? Yeah, the guy playing Paul McCartney is the little boy (Sam) from "Love Actually." Crazy, huh?

Alright, I'm off to class in a bit. Have a great Thursday/Weekend.

Song of the Day: Jeff Bridges - I Don't Know

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