Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Facts

Before you worked here, were you an ass scientist? Blah, blah, get the point.

1.) I almost forgot about blogging today. No, this isn't a sign of me losing interest in the blog. Yes, this is a sign of me having had a crazy busy week.

2.) I got a new cell phone. I finally got a new cell phone after dealing with my old piece of junk for far too long and it's awesome. I'm usually nervous about getting a new phone, but this one has made the transition easy.

3.) NBC sucks. Luckily, Conan O'Brien rules and he's not going down without a fight.

4.) My teacher from my class last night is awesome. He's an associate AD at UofL, he went to college and is still good friends with Jay Wright, he made fun of a UK fan in our class and he has a beard.

5.) This game is crazy awesome. Zilch.

6.) Target is the best. Went in to grab a few things last night, ended up getting nothing that I went in for...but did get two sweaters and a shirt for under 19 bucks!

7.) Francisco needs a bath. It's finally above freezing...I'm gonna give the man a little rinse on the way home.

8.) New Year's Resolutions are going well. Started Grad School, Engaged, Eating less, haven't had any liquid besides water, Powerade zero and coffee, doing a better job not rushing...things are good.

9.) Waiting for an e-mail is the worst. I've been in contact with UofL's athletic department about setting up and internship...all I need to do is set up a time to meet with a certain lady...but I'm still waiting to hear back from her about a time to meet. It's depressing when I check my mail like 50 times a day and there are no new e-mails in my in-box.

10.) From now on the Song of the Day on Friday will be re-named the "Throwback jam of the day." Basically, I'll pick a song I listened to in grade school or high school that I used to love and it'll be fun. Also, it should be noted that most of the songs would have been featured on 106 and Park from 1997-2001....also they will all be awesome. The rules may change a bit...but we'll see.

I'm off now. Sorry for the rushed/quick post. We'll try to do better next time. Good Night Canada.

Throwback Jam of the Day: Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq - Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)

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