Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

Here we go...

* Juwanna Men are still dominating. I'll let you know if anything changes.

* Has anyone seen "Crazy Heart" yet? I think I might have to check it out this weekend.
Also, if anyone knows Jeff Bridges...tell him I'd like to hang out and drink bourbon. That guy is awesome.

* Here is a hilarious video of a Syracuse fan celebrating the Orange's win over their rival Georgetown:

Kaboom! I'm going to celebrate like that after every UofL win from now on.

* Speaking of UofL wins, some dude keeps making awesome youtube videos of every UofL win. Since we seem to be inconsistent this year...these videos haven't been as prevalent as I would have liked. Still, check it:

Go Cards!

* Has anyone seen Venus Williams' outfit at the Australian Open? Yeah, it looks like she's naked out there. She's not, she's wearing flesh colored spandex shorts...but it looks like she's going commando. I won't post a picture because this is a family place...but you can see it here. Crazy.

* Did you guys see the Avetts on Austin City Limits this weekend? Sadly, I have to give their show a B- overall. I didn't like their setlist that much and the version of "Die, Die, Die" was terrible in my opinion. They're still awesome though. However, the Heartless Bastards came on after them and were totally awesome, I thought. Even if their singer is creepy looking and I can't understand the words...I thought they were really good.

* So I'm totally rooting for the Saints to win the Super Bowl. If they do win, I'm going to New Orleans to celebrate. I've recovered from my last trip there finally...and I'm ready to roll again. Here's an awesome video of bourbon street during the winning kick on Sunday:
Saints Video: Bourbon Street

(That's a weird video format and I don't know how to resize it...sorry.)

* Finally, speaking of NOLA, our buddy Yim Yames is featured on an upcoming Preservation Hall Jazz Band compilation. Click this link to hear the track "Louisiana Fairytale" which Yim sings through a megaphone. I'm totally diggin' this song.

I'm fresh out of tidbits...we'll try to do better next time. Goodnight Canada!

Song of the Day: Heartless Bastards - Out At Sea

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