Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...

For marks the beginning of 2010.

I know that it's a week old, but last week I was traveling and there was a snow things got delayed a bit.

Nevertheless, today is a new year...and with a new year comes resolutions. Resolutions are rarely met, the idea of them is great but they're usually hard to stick to. Because I'm aware of this...I'm going to give myself seven resolutions and hope to stick to at least 4 of them (better than 50%). These aren't going to be outrageous goals, but most of them will require some dedication and work. Here they are:

1.) Improve my health. I'm not obese and I'm not sickly, but for a 23 year old dude...I should be healthier. Now, I'm not going to promise to go to the gym 5 times a week or give up fried food and beer...but I'm going to drink less, eat less and exercise more. I'm not shooting for a certain number of pounds to lose or anything like goal is just to feel better and fit into all of my t-shirts that are size Medium. I seriously have like 10 awesome shirts that are just a bit too tight. Note to people who make clothes: Invent a size XM (Extra Medium) those clothes would fit me perfectly.

2.) Go to Grad School. Should be pretty easy...I'll take care of this one in about two hours. But also, I'd like to do well. I've always earned pretty good grades, but I've never really given 100% effort at all times. I plan on changing this, I'm not promising straight A+'s, but I'm promising that I won't blow off reading for video games and beer.

3.) Spend less Money. Since I'm going to be in school I won't be able to work the same number of that means my funds will decrease. I bet I spend between $100 - $200 every month that could be saved. Less fast food, less CDs, less all adds up.

4.) Manage my time better. I don't want to continue rushing out the door to get to work on time every morning. I'd like to wake up at a certain time, shower, eat breakfast and get to work with time to spare. Actually, I just want to stop rushing in general.

5.) Cut the Cussing. I really do say too many cuss words. I'm not going to cut them out totally because sometimes you need them (I'm looking at you Mr. I don't know how to use the Kroger U-Scan.) However, I could probably cut them in half.

6.) Get Married. Only 10 months away!

7.) Land a Sports internship. Hopefully, I can land one in the UofL athletic department...if not I'd like to land one somewhere around town before summer.

So there you go, 7 goals for the new year. Completing all 7 isn't out of the question...but 4 out of 7 is my goal. Wish me luck gang!

Song of the Day: M. Ward - For Beginners

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