Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

I don't have many tidbits today because I have to be at school early for an orientation meeting. Also, I'm not in a great mood. Now that I've lowered your expectations...here goes nothing.

* I had my first class yesterday and it was alright. It's hard to tell from the first day of class. However, I was a little disturbed by the fact that my professor in the Sports Administration program had no idea that UofL was playing against #4 Villanova last night. Maybe it was some joke that I didn't get...but when someone asked if he was going to the game he said, "What game?" Then after we filled him in he said, "Oh no, I did go to a swim meet the other night and I plan on trying to attend a basketball game sometime this year." WTF? Are you kidding me? Hopefully it was some kind of joke that I didn't understand.

* Still have to get my Student I.D. and Parking Pass...I hate dealing with UofL when it comes to things like this. They are terrible at helping you out.

* One thing I did notice yesterday as I walked around campus was the feeling of envy I had toward all of the undergrad students. They were happily walking too and from their dorms, chatting with their friends. I want to go back to college.

* A couple notes from last night's UofL marathon game. 1.) MAKE A FRIGGIN SHOT, CARDS! 2.) Hey Big East Refs, thanks for making that game last forever and completely ruining any enjoyment a fan might have received. 90+ free throws in a Big East game? Also, it is possible to steal the ball from Scottie Reynolds without fouling him. He's a great player, he doesn't need you to protect him when one of our guys picks his pocket. 3.) Shit...we needed that one.

* To add to my bad mood after the game last night, I dropped my keys on the ground and my car key broke. It didn't break enough to stop working, but the part that holds it on a key ring is now broken. It sucks. I don't have a spare and a replacement costs 100 bucks. Hooray!

* Also, I got hit in the nose while playing basketball last night...and this morning it feels like someone is stepping on my face at all times. There's no swelling or bruise or anything...but man it hurts.

* I had a couple other things to talk about today...but I don't wanna. I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully more upbeat.

Take 'er easy people.

Song of the Day: Nina Simone - Sinnerman


Wilhelm von Rall said...

You know if you get a nose bleed, I can help with that. I'm a professional.

Benjamin said...

Sorry about the nose, bro!