Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Facts

Big lazy weekend ahead...let's get our facts straight.

* I have homework. I got an e-mail from one of my teachers today and he informed me that over the next two weeks we'll be reading two 320 page books. Damn. I'm gonna try to get started this weekend.

* There is one good sign from grad school. Some guy named Rich who is in the SPAD program sent an e-mail out last night that said, some of us are going up to Flanagan's to watch the BCS championship. You should come. I didn't get the e-mail until today so I didn't go...but, that's the kind of thing I was hoping would happen in this program. Now if I can just take that "Watching SportsCenter" class.

* The BCS Championship was odd. It sucked that McCoy got knocked out. It sucked more that Alabama barely had to try in the second half. It sucks the most that there are still two undefeated teams and only one gets named national champ. However, the game did bring some entertainment...Lee Corso was totally drunk at halftime and the onside kick where Texas just banged it off a Bama player was awesome! Also, the Flea and Josh Groban National Anthem collaboration was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Still, congrats to Alabama! I talked to Will, who goes to Alabama, and he said the celebration was pretty crazy. Some rednecks, drinking and lots of "Sweet Home Alabama." So basically it was like an SAE party at Centre. Apparently it was too cold to burn couches. Also, when facing a third down and goal during a tense moment, with the game on the line, Will sent me a text message that said, "Better get it in." Guess what my reply was? Michael Scott would have been proud....those jokes will never get old.

* The most fun part of the game last night was following sports writers and fans comments on twitter. The funniest post of the night was right after Alabama got the sack/fumble by coming off the blind side and basically locked up the game. Instantly, there was a tweet that said, "Where the f--- was Sandra Bullock's son on that one?" A+ for whoever said that...I can't remember. The second funniest came from NBA on TNT's David Aldridge that read, "Mike Leach would put McCoy in a shed." Great work gang. I love Twitter.

* New Year's Resolutions are coming on Monday. I was going to do them today, but I'm giving myself this weekend to do whatever I want. 2010 officially begins on Monday...for me.

* I've had Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" in my head for about 4 days. I'd be more upset if I didn't love that song so much. I can't deny it...I'm a Taylor Swift fan. Also, remember that I'm a woman.

* This weekend is going to be awesome. What am I doing? Nothing! I'm literally going to lay around and watch sports all day tomorrow and all day Sunday. NFL playoffs, Cards vs. St. John's, UConn vs. Georgetown. It should be grand. Also, here are my NFL picks (wishes).
- PACKERS over the Cardinals
- EAGLES over the Cowboys
- FIGHTING TOM BRADYS over the Ravens
- BENGALS over the Jets

* That last fact was a lie. I also have to take down my Christmas decorations this weekend. I hate taking down Christmas decorations about as much as I love putting up Christmas's a drag.

* I really like snow and snow days...for a little bit. Once it stops snowing for a day or so...I'm ok with it warming up a few degrees and melting all of it. I mean some of it's brown, most of it has been walked on and it makes your shoes and floors wet. Come on 35 degree day!

That's all for me today. Have a great weekend folks!

Song of the Weekend: The Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four

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