Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogcasting...

Man, it's been a while, huh? Well, I'm back home now and while I'm bummed to be away from Taylor...there's lots to discuss and lots to look forward to. So, let's just cover everything in list form.

* New Year's Eve: We had a little get together on New Years Eve and it was a pretty good time. Got to see some folks from college and ring in the new year/decade with lots of joy. I've never been a big New Year's guy, but the last few have been pretty pleasant. 2010 is off to an alright (but cold!) start and I hope it's going well for you guys too!

* Resolutions: I've made a few New Year's resolutions and I'll share them with you sometime soon.

* Charleston: Taylor and I headed back to Charleston on the 3rd and the drive was much easier then it was when we came home. No snow, no rain and it took 4 less hours! While we were in Charleston, we saw the new George Clooney movie, Up In The Air. I'll give it 3 out of 5 stars. It had some enjoyable parts, but ultimately left me wanting some other solution. Also, UNC was playing at the College of Charleston while I was there. Taylor and I were both pretty excited and we decided it'd be fun to go to a local bar and watch it with some other fans. Well, lets just say Charleston is not a basketball town. The 1st bar we went to didn't even know it was on...and then didn't have the channel. So, we went to the King Street Grille next, which has about 20 TVs. We finally got a seat by a TV and after Charleston hit a 3 Taylor and I clapped...and so did about 4 other people in the bar. However, when UNC got a steal and a dunk...the place was much louder! Ultimately, Charleston ended up winning in an awesome OT game! It was pretty cool to hear the kids come back to campus cheering and such...but overall I was a bit disappointed in the excitement level for the game. Anyway, I left Charleston yesterday and while it's a bummer to be away from Taylor after seeing her for like 3 straight weeks...we'll see each other again in about a month!

* UofL vs. UK: I'm going to talk now about the UofL/UK game and it's the last time I'm going to say anything about it until next year. It was obviously a high emotion game and obviously the two sides are blaming each other for the rough housing, etc. Here's my memo to both UofL and UK fans. First UofL fans: We got beat. It's pretty simple. It sucks and I hate it...but nothing is going to change that. I understand Cousins probably should have been ejected and if he was then the game would have been different...but he wasn't and we let's move on to Big East Play. Now....on to UK fans: You won the game, congrats! You guys were the better team and beat us. However, for anybody who knows anything about basketball to try and justify Demarcus Cousins' deliberate elbow to the face of Jarrod Swopshire is an absolute crock of shit. I'm not asking you to disown Cousins and I'm not even asking you to admit that it was wrong. I'm saying that anyone with any common sense can look at that play and determine that what he did was intentional, violent and wrong. Don't give me this crap about Swopshire kneeing him in the face (he did hit him with his knee, unintentionally, with his eyes closed, while the ball was still live), Cousins' elbow was after the whistle and the only reason he did it was to inflict pain on Swop. You know it, I know it, Cousins knows it. Also, I don't want to hear that it was a physical game and UofL guys were trash talking and playing physical and the elbow was just part of a physical game. If you know basketball, you know that banging down low and talking trash are both part of the game. Did some UofL players act a little out of line? Sure, it was a rivalry game. But no one from UofL punched anyone...or even attempted anything as cheap and uncalled for as Cousins' elbow. Bottom line, I will always support the Cards and UK fans will always support the Cats. Things I say will anger Cat fans and things they say will anger me...that's how these things work. I should hate your coach and your players just like you hate my coach and's a rivalry. So, UofL fans...admit defeat, stop complaining and move on. UK fans, enjoy the win...but realize that one of your players got away with a cheap shot and stop trying to justify it by blaming others. On to conference play basketball fans!

* Grad School: I start school tomorrow! Isn't that crazy? I haven't been to a class since last decade! There are so many hoops to jump through to start school that I forgot about (student ID, parking pass, books, financial aid), but it's all coming together and I'm super pumped to be a student again.

* Snow: We're supposed to get a pretty good snow storm tomorrow so there's a slight chance I'll get a snow day on my first day. They're predicting like 4 inches but my guess is we'll either get a foot or nothing. Either way, I bought stuff to make chili in case we get snowed in.

* Funny: Here's something that UofL and UK b-ball fans can agree on...Tennessee sucks. If you hadn't heard, 4 of their players were suspended after being arrested on weapon and drug charges over New Years. To make things's head coach, Bruce Pearl, talking about how the remaining players will answer the call when they play Charlotte (the magic happens around the 50 sec mark):

Haha, I hate Bruce Pearl...but you kind of have to feel for the guy. Poor, poor word choice.

Alright guys, that's all for today. Thank goodness for getting back to the normal blog schedule.

Song of the Day: Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing

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