Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm being tested...

Every once in a while I have a day where several things go wrong. It can be a variety of things that happen, but in every circumstance I feel as though some greater being is testing my stress, patience and overall attitude. Today is one of those days.

The Internet at my apartment went out recently. I called on Monday night and scheduled an appointment for this morning. The lady informed me that someone would be there to fix the internet between 8:30-11:30. Lautaro goes into work at 11 so when it came to be 11:00 and there was still no sign of the internet guy, I had to leave work and go home.

Question: When someone is delivering something or fixing something at your house and they give you a 3 hour window for when they'll be there...has anyone ever had the people show up within the first hour? I didn't think so.

Anyway, I get home at 11 and I sit and wait until 11:35. Then I call the internet company and tell them the situation. They inform me that they tried to call to confirm the appointment this morning and the number they had was not working. Since it was the same number that I called from to have the conversation with the guy, I told him that was not true. Nevertheless, he apologized and said they'd have someone call me in the next 10mins and send someone out immediately. Cool. Except, I waited about 25 mins and didn't hear anything. So then I had to call back again. This time I got a different person and he informed me that someone tried to come by my address at 11:20. I informed him that he was wrong because I had been sitting in my living room the whole time. He then put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back to inform me that the people he needed to talk to were probably at lunch. Then he said he sent someone an e-mail and he hoped to get some info soon and he hoped they could have someone there by 3.

Are you kidding me?

I told him that I couldn't do that and I wanted them to come tomorrow morning before 10:30 and fix the internet. He then failed to apologize for any inconvenience and tried to get me to use the internet company's land line phone service as well. I told him I didn't want his phone...not now...not ever. (Please don't get me started on the whole phone service thing).

To sum that part up, I still have no internet, I wasted 2 hours that I could have been working and I still have to pay a full month's worth of a bill even though I will not have had internet for 4 days.

As if I wasn't already frustrated enough, I went to McDonald's to grab a quick lunch to take back to the office. I ordered food for my dad and I got two McChicken sandwiches for myself. When I pulled up to the second window, the lady handed me my food and then this convo happened:

Me: Could I have a couple BBQ sauce packets with that?
McD Lady: But you didn't have any Chicken Nuggets?
Me: Yeah, but I have two chicken sandwiches.
Lady: Oh, well...we're not supposed to give sauce unless you have nuggets.
Me: Are you kidding? I just spent 9 bucks on food and you can't give me some BBQ sauce?
Lady: We're really not supposed to...
Me: Really? (starting to get pissed)
Lady: Oh well, I guess...I mean...Alright you can have one. (Laughing)

I took the sauce packet and just stared at her for about a minute before driving off. What I really wanted to do was take the packet and chuck it against the window. I mean, really? You're a multi-billion dollar company and you can't give out a couple of BBQ sauce packets to someone who just paid money to eat at your food?

Somehow, I didn't really get mad either time today. For one, I knew I was being tested and I wanted karma on my side (I swear to god if the Cards don't win tomorrow I'm going to pour BBQ sauce all over the McD's). But also, in both cases the person I was dealing with wasn't really at fault. The insight guy on the phone wasn't the driver who didn't show up and the worker at McD's wasn't the idiotic boss who decided to save a few cents by being stingy with his BBQ sauce.

Note: I should have pointed out to her that I've been eating McD's for 23 years and there have been at least 50 times in my life where I have ordered nuggets and asked for sauce...only to get home and realize THERE WASN'T ANY SAUCE! So technically, I have a 50 sauce packet credit at McD's.

Actually, the thing that bothers me most about all of this is that I expected it. When I got up today I knew that the internet wasn't going to get fixed on schedule like it should. I know going to any restaurant that it's far more rare to get great service then it is to get crappy service. People just don't care anymore and people aren't dependable. It's really sad. For instance, I'm supposed to get my financial aid money for school between January 5 and January 22. I've filled out all the necessary paper work, accepted the student loan and everything. However, I've not received my money yet and I really truly do not believe it's coming in the next two days. So on Monday (because they won't be open this weekend) I'll have to call someone and they'll try to blame it on someone else. Then, I'll have to call someone else and they'll blame it on the first person. The reality is that I don't care who's fault it is, JUST STEP UP AND FIX IT! Our customer service is absolute crap in this country and it makes me crazy.

Sorry for the rant, I've been ready to burst all day and I've actually done a pretty good job keeping my cool. I guess Blog ranting is a good way to relieve stress.

Have a good one people!

Song of the Day: Modest Mouse - The Good Times Are Killing Me

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