Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

And boom goes the dynamite...

* Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! I hope you guys are out doing terrible things so you can give them up for the next 40 days and come out somewhat even in the end. But seriously though, everybody should celebrate at least a little tonight!

* Less then 24 hours are left to vote in the "Name Brian's Car" Poll. Francisco seems to be pulling away a bit, but Franklin is still within striking distance. Hank...it was fun while it lasted.

* So have I ever told you guys that I love T-Will? Well not only did the man almost get his triple-double on vs. the Hoyas last night...some weird sports reporter provided the world with this lovely feature on T-Will:

You can try to hate that kid...but he's hilarious and he plays the game like everyone should. He's always up-beat, he listens to his coach, he's thankful for the chance to play...and he's always smiling. Only two more home games, it's beginning to get sad.

* Speaking of two more home games, the Cards play Marquette on Sunday in what is easily one of the biggest games of the year. I have found myself without a ticket...so, if anyone out there has an extra laying around or knows someone who does...holla at ya boy!

* I found this video on a blog the other day. It's basically just a video of really bad drivers...I mean really really bad:

The best has to be the person pulling in to get her oil changed...sweet maneuver.

* Note to the Miami Heat, if you want to make a desktop wallpaper that gets your fans pumped up and makes a member of your team look like a badass, just use Dwayne Wade. I think we can all agree that using Chris Quinn is a bad idea:
Why do I feel violated by his creepy evil stare?

* So I missed it a while back when Joaquin Phoenix was on David Letterman and just acted like a total weirdo/psycho/creep. Luckily, I found it on YouTube. Man, I thought Joaquin was a little off when he was Gary in "Parenthood", turns out that was nothing. Also, I love Letterman's ability to make fun of people. Best line, "Well, Joaquin I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight."

Sheesh, what a weirdo. Shave your beard already...you're making us look bad.

* I may have already mentioned this on a previous post...but I'm too lazy to remember (or check the older posts), My Morning Jacket is set to release an awesome 7 song EP:
The EP titled, "Celebracion de la Ciudad Natal" will be released in April and it will include songs recorded at the bands shows in Louisville last summer (@ Ear X-Tacy and Waterfront Park). It will be available in 10" vinyl but it will also come with a free CD version as well. Man, I went to both of those shows and they rocked for sure...I can't wait to hear this!

* One final thing today...Shot of the year?

I think we can all agree...no one's gonna top that.

Get your Mardi Gras on people!

Song of the Day: Dr. Dog - Army of Ancients
Beer of the Day: Abita - Purple Haze

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