Friday, February 20, 2009

The Avett Brothers

You may have heard me talk about a band called The Avett Brothers before. If you took the time to listen to them after you heard me talk about them, you are without a doubt a fan of this band now. Since you are such a big fan now you may have gone to their website and looked to see when they were coming to play a concert in your neck of the woods. If you looked in the last few saw this:

4/17/09 Danville, KY
Centre College Carnival

Yup that's the same little Danville school that I graduated from last year. Now, one might assume I'm a little pissed since I had been pushing hard for the Avett's to come to last year's carnival...but it works out ok this way because Roy Lee (who can take a good deal of credit for landing the Avett's in Danville) still lives there and we can all go back and hang out and see the show. So, Avett concert plus a reunion with my Taylor's coming in town! It's shaping up to be a fantastic weekend.

Now then on to the band. For those of you who didn't look them up...first of all "Shame" on you, (haha, see what I did there Avett fans?) second of all here's what you need to know about them...

The band consists of three members. Scott and Seth Avett and some guy named Bob, who plays an upright bass and is not an Avett. Scott and Seth play banjos and guitars, and pianos, and drums....they're talented.

The Bros look like this:
Beardos for sure!

Their music is spectacular and I know people from all music listening backgrounds who enjoy the Avetts....but to really sum up the Avett Brothers (at least as far as I'm concerned) you just need this one quote from a review after an Avett concert a few years ago.

"If the Beatles were from Appalachia instead of Liverpool, they might sound like the Avett Brothers – they were that good."

As a total Beatles snob, someone who gets offended when people try to tell me that the Rolling Stones are as important as the Beatles, I'm not going to dispute that quote. You can even hear similarities in their harmonies. (Note: In no way am I saying that the Avett Brothers are as good as the Beatles and/or better then the Rolling Stones...but they're damn good).

My Morning Jacket is my favorite band (besides the Beatles) but I can honestly say that the gap between them and the Avett's closes each time I hear the Avett Brothers. I will probably never put them above MMJ for certain personal reasons...but a #1 and #1a ranking of the two bands is a very good possibility in the future.

Anyway, this band is great...they're playing at my alma's gonna be a great time.

Here are the first three Avett Brothers songs I ever heard, they're all off of their last album "Emotionalism".

Die, Die, Die (just music)

Shame (just music)

Paranoia in B Flat Major (Music Video)

Seriously, buy Emotionalism next time you're won't be sorry.

Have a great weekend.

Song of the Weekend: The Avett Brothers - The Weight of Lies
Beer of the Weekend: BBC - Nut Brown Ale

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