Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* Hey guess who still doesn't have power? Yeah good guess...it's me! I love snow days...but this is a mess...I'm tired of it. I WANT MY POWER BACK!!!

* Alright let's just get it out of the way...the Cards got their asses kicked last night. I'm not afraid to admit it. UCONN deserves to be #1 in the nation. T-Will was great last night, the rest of the boys need to sack up and play. There's a long way to go until the tourney...I still like the Cards chances. Also, I would rather play anyone in the nation besides UCONN again...dem boyz is rough.

* So I think yesterday was Groundhog day...yeah? I'm willing to bet it's going to be a long winter...which is great for me since my apartment has no heat!

* Update on Mini-Marathon training...it's not going great. With the ice covering the roads and the power being out for so long...I haven't ran in over a week. I'll get back after it tonight...but I'm not looking forward to it.

* So I thought I was a pretty sweet blogger, until I read this. Apparently Erykah Badu thinks that the birth of her child is so important that she needs to blog while in labor...that's insane. However, I don't like to be shown up so I promise that whenever I go into labor with my first child...I'll blog every step of the way! That's a promise I know I can keep.

* You knew it was coming...Shankapotamus.

* Also, this is the best idea since the Bud's "Wassupp"

* M Ward has a new cd coming out this month. He's a LoB fave and if you go here, you can hear "Never Had Nobody Like You" off the new album. I'm excited.

* Have I mentioned I still don't have power? It's not fun.

* February is and always will be my least favorite month. It's boring, it's cold, if it didn't have college basketball I would just sleep through the whole month (read: "If UofL gets blown out again I'm sleeping till March). At least it's short.

That's all! Get your Tuesday on Boys and Girls.

Song of the Day: Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Milk Stout

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