Monday, February 02, 2009

10 Monday "Super Bowl" Thoughts

* So I'm on day 6 now without's pretty fantabulous.

Friday and Saturday I stayed at Ben and Megs'. Megs' brother was in town so it was like one big sleep over. We ate, drank, played the was all good. A big thanks once again for letting me crash for so long.

I'm at my Mom's now since she has electricity. The move from a couch to a bed for sleeping arrangements was pretty nice.

* The SuperBowl has come and gone (woo-hoo). It was a pretty good game, here are 10 random thoughts about last night.

1.) How can the refs not review Warner's last fumble? It may not have been overturned...but you have to at least look at it. Sweet miss by the refs on Holmes' Lebron James celebration too. Using the ball as a prop for a celebration is an automatic 15 yard penalty...apparently that rule doesn't apply to the Super Bowl. Also, apparently two hand touching Ben Roethlisberger a split second after he lets go of the ball is not allowed either. Great game, poor officiating.

2.) Why do some companies waste money Superbowl commercials? I'm looking at you, MacGruber Pepsi ad.

3.) Did Bruce Springsteen really "power slide" his crotch into the homes of millions of people? Yes, he did.
I bet there are tons of cougars out there who would have given anything to be the cameraman on the end of that crotch slide.

4.) Two great additions to the E-Trade Baby catalogue. I think the golf one was a tad better then the singing one...but not much.

5.) A pretty good "Office" last night, but what was the point of having Jack Black and the other celebs on there? That seemed like a big waste of money. Also, Andy Bernard....easily the best character on the show.

6.) The Doritos "crystal ball" commercial was pretty funny...but I think the Bob Dylan/Wil.I.Am Pepsi ad was probably my favorite...not counting the E-Trade Baby and the 1 second Miller High Life commercials.

7.) I was pissed for about 2 minutes last night when I thought they were going to give Ben Roethlisberger the MVP. While he made some big plays (How do you pump fake like that and not lose the ball?), Santonio Holmes was unbelievable on that final drive.

8.) No one on that field last night is a better football player then Larry Fitzgerald...except for maybe Troy Polamalu.

9.) I am totally pumped to see, "The Year One". Jack Black + Michael Cerra = Brian paying money to see your film....remember that.

10.) I'm glad the NFL is over so now we can focus on really important College Basketball. Who am I kidding, the NFL draft is only a few months away...I'm going to need to know the breakdown of every pick before then. God, I hate NFL coverage.

That's all for my SuperBowl wrap up. Your first dose of tidbits in 2 weeks will be coming your way tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Wilco - She's a Jar
Beer of the Day: Dogfish Head - Chicory Stout

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