Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 things I like and dislike these days...

I'm feeling a 5/5 split today...

DISLIKE: Being lied to. I reported the other day that Ken Griffey Jr. was going to be playing for the Braves next year. YahooSports said that Griffey chose the Braves and would be signing a one year deal later in the day. Well, last night it was reported that Griffey is signing with the Mariners...which makes more sense, but is totally lame. Anyway...minus 3 cool points for YahooSports.

LIKE: "Important Things With Demetri Martin". This is a new show that is on Wednesday nights at 10:30 on Comedy Central. For a long time I have thought that Demetri Martin was one of the 5 or 10 funniest comedians out there. His show is not proving me wrong.

DISLIKE: Stupid People. Today at Qdoba I was reminded of how dumb some people are. In the tiny Qdoba parking lot there is a red sign by a dumpster that says, "Pick Up Zone. No Parking between 12 a.m. and 9 a.m." Qdoba is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. so that means that if you want to eat at can park there....always. However, you would not believe how many times I have seen people start to pull into the spot, look at the sign, and then back out and spend the next 5 minutes trying to parallel park on the street. It's like they see the sign that says no parking, see that it's got some red on it...and then flip out in fear that they will get a parking ticket. Sigh, the ability to read/think is something none of us should take for granted.

LIKE: NBA Street video games. As I've said before NBA Jam and Ken Griffey Jr. (damn the Mariners) Baseball are my two favorite video games of all time. However, I recently started playing NBA Street Volume 2 for PS2 again and that game is the shiz! It's like NBA Jam, only it's cooler because you can create a player and play against NBA Legends like Magic Johnson, Dr. J, Jordan, Bird, etc. I also didn't know there was a Volume I ordered it off ebay yesterday for 5 bucks! Byahh!

DISLIKE: Alex Rodriguez. I don't care anymore. Did he cheat? Yes. Should he be viewed differently? Yes. Does he have stupid hair? Yes. Do I hate him more now then I used to? Yes but only because I have to hear about him so much...I've always hated him a pretty large the fact that he cheats just proves that I was correct to hate him all along.

LIKE: T-Will. I know I've expressed my love for this man numerous times on this blog...but I really do love him. He is such a good player and he always plays with such a fun attitude. For instance, last night the ball got stuck between the rim and the was a jumpball and the possession gave it to the Cards. Well instead of just knocking it out from it's wedged position, T-Will went up, grabbed the ball and dunked it....then he spent about 10 seconds trying to convince the ref that it should count as a basket for the Cards. He was clearly kidding and after he and the ref shared a good laugh, T-Will gave the ref an ass slap to show he was just kidding. He's got a great personality, He's got scary athleticism and now he's shooting the ball like friggin' Reggie Miller. Keep it up T-Will...a trip to Detroit would easily make you my all-time favorite Cardinal Bird.

DISLIKE: The Cold. I'm ready for spring. I like winter, it was fun...but I want to sit on my porch and not freeze to death. Is that too much to ask for?

LIKE: Draft Beer. I got a new regulator for me kegerator, Lautaro got some more CO2 today, I'm getting a new keg tomorrow, Dude's gonna stop by a fix the tubing tomorrow, which means....Tomorrow night I should have draft beer at home again! YEAHHHH!!!!

DISLIKE: The UofL fans who sat behind me at the game last night. They love to bitch at our players...I love to bitch at them. Here's a sequence.

Earl Clark makes a great pass to Samardo Samuels, Samardo is slightly covered so he head fakes puts the ball on the floor and scores. I cheer, the guy behind me says, "Damn it Rick! Put in Jennings so Samuels will stop blowing all of Clark's assists!" I respond with, "Nice move Samardo, way to be patient!" Then I turn to Ryan and say (loudly) "What is it going to take to fire Pitino and get this Basketball Einstein behind me the head coaching job!" Silence from the row behind me.

Next example....Edgar Sosa is put in the game to break pressure and run out the clock. Sosa gets the ball at the other free-throw line, dribbles up court and gets fouled on a reach in before he crosses half court...Sosa prepares to go to the line to shoot free throws (he made both of them). The guy behind me to my left says, "Damn it Edgar, always trying to get your points...why don't they put up how many turnovers he has instead...that kid ain't got a clue how to run this team." I respond, "Way to do your job Edgar, sorry some of our fans are morons!" The lady behind me chuckles. For the record Edgar had exactly zero turnovers last night. Wow, thanks for watching the game, ass-face.

But for realzies, is it too hard to show up to a game and support your team as they win by almost 20 points? Apparently it is too hard.

LIKE: Boombozz Tap house. So just like a block from my apartment there was this a Tony Boombozz pizza place and I love Boombozz pizza. Well it closed about 2 months ago, which made me sad. But, now there is a sign that says, "Boombozz Taphouse: Opening Soon!". This leads me to believe that some form of beer bar is going to merge with Boombozz pizza....right by my place of living! This my friends, could be one of the best things to ever happen...ever!

Well, that's all today. Office and 30 Rock tonight!

Song of the Day: Nas - N.Y. State of Mind
Beer of the Day: BBC - APA/Altbier Mix

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