Thursday, February 26, 2009

Very Superstitious

As some of you may know, I happen to be a tad superstitious....and by a tad, I mean I'm totally psychotic. Some people may wear a lucky shirt when they want their team to win a game or carry a rabbit's foot with them as they interview for a job...but me, I do things that are just downright insane.

Now, the root of my superstition is UofL sports, mostly basketball. When Basketball season begins in November all the way through the end of UofL's season in March (or hopefully April) I become a total weirdo.

My Superstition is based on a few things: Good luck charms, rituals and reverse psychology. Most of the superstition is controlled by me, but since it's becoming tourney time...I thought I'd give you guys a brief lesson in each case you see me between now and the end of the season. Hopefully this tutorial will make sure there are no possibilities of someone destroying the Cards.

Here we go.

Good Luck Charms: This one is pretty easy. Say the Cards are playing a big game, it's on national TV, we just dropped a tough game...we need some mojo. Well, you should always plan your game outfit (like a uniform for fans) very carefully. The reason for this is...if UofL pulls the big game has a lot to do with T-Will and Pitino...but it also has a bit to do with me. I'm a fan, I do my part. It's not a coincidence that UofL lost to Notre Dame by 33 the same day I forgot to wear my game outfit. I was upset after that game, but I took as much of the blame as the players.

Also, during the Cards winning streak earlier this year I noticed that I had a quarter and a dime in my pocket for the first three games...guess what's been in my pocket ever since? 35 cents (Griff's number). Now sure we've lost twice with the coins in my pocket...but we've won 13 times too! So I'll take that record.

If you notice an unusual performance (winning streak, big win) and then you notice that something is unusual about your clothes, what's in your pockets, etc....make sure that you do that something unusual until you lose 2 or more in a row.

Rituals: This one is my favorite. I have always stood up and clapped as the Cards run out onto the court and the band plays the fight song, but I've never sang the fight song. However, during the UofL vs. UK game I was super pumped up and I sang the whole thing. Guess what I do every game now? I stand up, clap and sing the fight song as the players come out on the floor. Not many other people sing along and I don't sing well...but hell we're tied for first in the Big East...I'll sing the fight song if that's the case!

Here's a fancy one that I used to do (I'm trying to cure some of the extreme things). You ever top of your gas so it's rounded to the nearest dollar? Well I top it off so two UofL players' numbers are represented. If the pump stops at $31.97, you better believe I'm squeezing that thing until it hits $33.01...that way Andre McGee and T-Will will be represented. Volume of my car radio.....always on a player's number as well.

Reverse Psychology: This is a big one because it involves other people. If we're beating the crap out of a team to start the game, like 26-12 or something, never should you say anything resembling this, "hey this is a blowout, the Cards can't miss and the other team couldn't hit a shot if they were wide open!" I would bet you money that the game will be within 5 at half if a statement like that is uttered.

Say we're shooting free throws to ice the game and they foul Jerry. Jerry is the best foul shooter on the team, but I would never say, "Good, they fouled Jerry he'll knock them down." I would instead say, "Oh man, Jerry is never good at making free-throws in the clutch...I bet he misses short." Do I really believe that? No. I actually would be thrilled that Jerry was going to the line instead of Earl or T-Will....but you just can't say things like that.

For instance at the same UofL vs. UK game this past year...UofL was up like 7 with under a minute to over right? That's what everyone around me was saying, "we've got it way they'll come back" You know what happened? I said, "It's not over yet...not the way we shoot free throws and such." The people were giving me crap for not believing and then UK scored 7 unanswered as we had a total meltdown. Luckily Edgar bailed us out...otherwise I'd have put that one on the fans.

Now I realize to some people this sounds extreme...but I do it so I can feel a bit more in control. I care way too much about UofL basketball to just not have any hand in it at all. You know that Final Four run in 2005? You have no idea how hard I worked for that...same clothes, same meals, same everything.

Just always remember the game is not over until there are 0 seconds left and if you do something unusual during a better make that a staple in your life until your team drops two straight.

Bottom line...I'm a freak and I just thought I'd try to explain it to you guys...but I probably lost a few friends today.

For the record, there are things that I do that are so insane I would never tell anyone. They're not gross or disturbing....just extremely odd and a guess a bit sad.

Oh well, I love my Cards and I'd wear the same thing for the rest of my life if it'd get us that third championship.

Anyway, enjoy your new Office tonight, but 30 Rock is new.

Song of the Day: Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Beer of the Day: BBC - Queen's Knickers.

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