Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm tired and a little angry today...mostly tired though.

I haven't had too much sleep the past few nights, my apartment looks like a disaster area, I don't have a ticket to tomorrow's UofL game and my conversation with the dude at Arby's during lunch today went like this (I swear...word for word):

Arby's Guy: Thank you for choosing Arby's, how may I help you?

Me: Hi yes, I want a # 2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper (intentional pause by me so this guy can enter the order in) and I want a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper

Arby's Guy: Ok, That's a #2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper...and what else?

Me: a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper

AG: Ok...and what did you want to drink with your #2?

Me: I want a Diet Dr. Pepper to drink with both of them

AG: You want two #4's with Diet Dr. Pepper's???

Me: No, I want a #2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper....and...a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper.

AG: OK, That's All I NEEDED! (in an annoyed voice)

Every instinct in my body wanted to reach through the little speaker and strangle this guy with his headset...but I laughed because it was less violent and less tiring. Also, a bunch of ice slid off the top of my car and broke a little piece of my windshield's just been a super day.

So, with hopes of not bringing any of you wonderful people down during my pity party...I thought I'd just share two things with you.

1.) This is an article by Jay Bilas about toughness in College Basketball. Jay Bilas is the best commentator in all of sports. He is fair, he knows what he's talking about...and he gives great insights about the game that he is covering. It's shocking. This is a great article and it simply makes me like him even more.

2.) I've mentioned the 1000 awesome things website on here before...but in case you don't keep's my favorite post of the past month or so...Celebrities on Sesame Street.

Well, that's all I have for today...I'm sorry for such a weird blog week...blame nature.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: James Taylor - Country Road
Beer of the Weekend: BBC - APAltbier

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