Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

It's time for the latest 10 they are

*LIKE - College Basketball. Now that (yawn) college football is's time to shift all of our attention to College Basketball. On the sport's first weekend in the didn't disappoint. There was a full array of talent on display this weekend like these two crazy-awesome dunks

Plus the Cards won in amazing fashion! It's gonna be a wild ride from now until early April...buckle up people.

* DISLIKE - People who park in other people's parking space. So Lautaro and I have one parking space to share. It's in the back of our apartment and it's a nice, covered parking spot. We do a good job of sharing it between the two of us, but lately there has been some crazy hippie van parked there and it doesn't appear to be moving any time soon. I made some signs today at work to inform them that they will be towed if they don't move...but it just ticks me off that I have to threaten people to stop stealing our spot.

* LIKE - Heath Ledger's Golden Globe win. Yes, Mr. Ledger won a Golden Globe posthumously last night and it was well deserved. I know that the academy doesn't often give the right person the award come Oscar time, I also know that "The Dark Knight" isn't the most Oscar friendly movie...but Heath Ledger should win. His performance as the Joker is one of the best I've ever seen...creepy, funny, cruel and bad-ass. Hopefully the Golden Globe was just the first of many awards.

* DISLIKE - Bills. It wasn't so bad when all I had to pay was like Rent, Electric and Cable...but with the addition of Student Loans and a soon to be car money is not as abundant as it was. Sigh, at least my car (Hank? Sam? Milt? Francisco?) is totally beast mode.

* LIKE - Training for the Mini-Marathon. So I thought that running almost every day would totally be hell. It turns out it's not so bad. I can feel myself getting in shape and I don't get winded nearly as often as I did when I started just one week ago. However, my legs do hurt often. Still, it's not so bad.

* DISLIKE - Training for the Mini-Marathon. Who am I kidding? This whole running in the cold totally blows.

* LIKE - 30 Rock. This has been one of my favorite TV shows for some time now. However, I got the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas and it turns out that it is totally hilarious in every way. I watched about 20 episodes this weekend and often found myself laughing out loud in my myself. If you don't watch it...start watching. It's on Thursday's at 9:30 on NBC.

* DISLIKE - Sleep. Well actually I love sleep, but I wish I didn't. I got up somewhat early both Saturday and Sunday and I was glad because my weekend seemed to last much longer. However, I still went to bed rather late but found myself in zombie mode from like 7 o'clock on each night. I love to sleep, but I would give anything to be able to function normally with only 4 or 5 hours a night.

* LIKE - This Article.
I'm not ready to say that the Cards are hitting on all cylinders (Especially since they could easily go 0-2 this week), but it's fun to believe...and as a sports fan, there's no greater feeling then to believe.

- DISLIKE - Ice Cube Trays. Our fridge doesn't have an ice maker. To cope with it, we use trusty old ice trays. Well not only are ice trays lame and irritating, but also someone poured bourbon in our ice trays at a party a while back (thanks..really cool by the way). As it turns out, ice trays are also really hard to clean. I thought I'd just go buy some new ones...but noooo, you can't find them anywhere. It's really pissing me off...I want colder drinks...I NEED colder drinks.

There's my 10 for today. Enjoy your Monday's everyone.

Song of the Day: Otis Redding - Tell the Truth
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Milk Stout

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