Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 is badass!!!

So yeah, the Holidays are over...Taylor's back in Charleston...Todd, Tom and Chris are back in their places of residence and we didn't even get together once...all my other friends are scattered across the country...I have work all 5 days this arm is sore for some's Monday...booo 2009 right?

WRONG! You know why? Because 2009 has started off with a bang! I was going to talk about my New Year's resolutions today...but those will have to wait because today...despite all the reasons listed above...I'm in a good mood.

Here's why:

To start off the new year I was informed that I would in fact soon be a brother-in-law! Yup Ben and Megan are be married! I've actually known about this for some time now...but I couldn't say anything until it was official. Well, now it's official and I'm truly happy for them.
I mean look at those two...picture perfect. The wedding won't be for a while since the bar exam is about to take over both of their lives...but I'll keep you up to date on what's happening and so on. So yeah...Ben...Megs...congrats!

It seems like there was something else that was preventing me from being sad today...

...what was it?

oh yeah! THIS:


Man oh man. I was lucky enough to attend yesterday's game...thanks to Taylor's dad who offered me a ticket. We got there early and the crowd was awesome the whole game. In fact here's a video of the last shot from a fan's perspective. I love how silent the crowd is while the shot is in the air...also the quick glimpse of the two UK fans behind the guy is pretty funny too..

Here are some more highlights from yesterday!
Francisco Garcia is now officially my favorite Cardinal of all time!

If it weren't for security...I would have let Jerry Smith and Edgar Sosa be the buns for a big Brian sandwich!

T-Will is a better basketball player than most people not named Kobe or Lebron.

When Edgar did this after the game...I almost got in a fight with a UofL fan. The fan kept shouting, "Get off the table're sh*t! That was a terrible shot! You Suck!" I quickly reminded him that the shot went in...then he told me to go *bleep* myself...Oh, UofL fans...sometimes you just don't get it. Oh well

Now, while the game was great for UofL fans (at least those who like winning)...let's make a few things clear.
1.) Kentucky is better than I thought they were. Patterson is a great great that he should go pro, immediatley. Meeks is an outstanding scorer, but his defense and passing left a bit to be desired...he kept them in it though. I thought a few times we would blow them out, but we didn't...they deserve some credit.

2.) This game was GREAT for the rivalry. It is THE best rivalry in College basketball...and yesterday was a great example why. Both teams played hard, shot well, made big plays and showed signs of improvement. The only rematch will be next year...not a month from now...12 months from live it up Cards' fans.

3.) If a UK fan tries to act as if UofL got "lucky" and didn't deserve to win...they're not bright. Was that a high percentage shot by Sosa? Hell no...but it went down. If you want to call Sosa's shot a fluke...what about that 30 footer from Michael Porter and the three by Perry Stevenson? Bottom's a rivalry game...and that's what happens. Do I think UofL is better than UK? Sure, but I'm not about to say that we own them or anything. I do think that if they played each other 10 times the Cards would win 7 or 8...but hey I'm a Cards fan.

4.) The Student section had a "Sign out" where the bookstore gave away free posterboards and encouraged all students to make a sign...the two best signs got a chance to shoot for a free semesters tuition. (they both missed). Anyway my three favorite signs in order:

3.) Jodie and the Pussycats!

2.) T-Will took Ashley Judd out for a nice dinner and NEVER called her again!

1.) Will Scott = 4.0
Billy G = .08

Good stuff!
Anyway, it was a great game and luckily that and Ben and Megs' engagement has put me in a great mood to start the year.

Beer of the Day: Goose Island - Honker's Ale
Song of the Day: Talib Kweli - Joy

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