Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* So I've told myself over and over again that no matter how obsessed I became with UofL basketball, I would NOT let it take over the blog. Well I'm being tested today...in a big way. But, after seeing this:

Can you blame me?

The Cards were awesome last night. T-Will played like an All-American, Andre and Preston played a type of defense that I didn't know was possible, Samardo and Terrence Jennings combined to be effective against the Big East Player of the year...and in case you didn't watch the video..EARL DID THIS
Ahhhhhhhhh NO HE DIDN'T!!!
It was as loud as I've heard Freedom Hall in a looong time, maybe ever...to experience a little bit...you can watch the Sportscenter clip here.

* To make last night even better...My mom came up with last minute tickets to the game, which meant my running was doomed for the day, right? WRONG. I ran three miles after we got home from the game. If my training continues to go as well as it has been I'm thinking about skipping the mini-marathon and trying to see if I can get a shot at the heavy weight champion of the world. I mean I ran three whole miles for crying out loud...I might actually be a super hero.

* Scrubs is on again tonight. Last week's new episodes were totally hilarious, despite being a tad sad. Hopefully tonight's won't disappoint.

* I was talking to Will and I asked him if he had any tidbits that he thought I should include today...here's what he came up with: Did you know...the University of Alabama has a water slide on campus!!! I know it's thrilling right? Thanks for the info Will.

* Also, you should check out the front page of Yahoo, under the sports tab it says "All-American gets humbled...Notre Dame's Luke Harangody can't stop a Louisville player from dunking in his face." Then it has a link to this in case you missed it:
Yahoo even gives a shout out to my favorite blog, CardChronicle. Also, I'm sorry I promise that's the last time I'll post that crazy-awesome picture....I swear.

* While the game was fun last night, the funniest thing I saw was the 6 year old little boy with glasses sitting next to me. He got up and danced at every time out and finally his dad leaned over and said, "He's actually on an all boys hip-hop dance team...they won nationals in Chicago last year." I believe it too, that kid had some moves.

* So they called for an inch or two of snow to fall last night in Louisville, causing this morning's commute to be harsh. It also caused me to get unnecessarily optimistic about a possible snow day. Guess what I awoke too this morning? 38 degree weather and some rain...hooray.....NOT!

* In shocking news...Super Mario Brothers has been replaced as the best selling game ever. The title now belongs to Wii-Sports. I've played them both and while I like them both a lot, I'd have to say that Mario is my favorite because the injuries you sustain are less serious. Sure your thumbs and maybe your wrist get sore playing Mario, but I've woken up after a hard night of Wii Sporting and felt as if I had been beat up....seriously, you have to pace yourself with that game.

* I got the new Common cd...I felt like I needed a new Hip-Hop cd so I bought it on an impulse buy. After one listen....I decided that it needs another listen until I can give it a proper grade...but the first song bops for sure.

* One last thing for today, did anyone catch #1 on SportsCenter's top 10 plays last night? It looked an awful lot like this...
BOO-YAH!!! I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

Enjoy your Tuesdays party people.

Song of the Day: Common - Universal Mind Control
Beer of the Day: Amstel Light

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Will said...

I'll have you know I did what you told me to do. I played FIFA. I lost...twice.