Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guitar Lessons

I won't lie to you guys...I really have absolutely nothing to blog about today. Usually something exciting happens to me, or I see a random thing that provokes some thought in my head and I think, "that'd be good to blog about!" Well, today....nothing.

So, I thought I'd talk a bit about playing guitar.

I have a guitar lesson tonight and I'm pretty excited. You see, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now...and I'm not very good. However, most Thursdays I get to go learn how to play guitar from this guy:

Honestly, if I had any other teacher I would have folded my guitar playing a long time ago. I've taken guitar lessons from a few others in my life and I took drum lessons in grade school as well...each time I failed because of my teachers.

I don't mean any harm...they were all nice people and they were doing their jobs....but I wanted more....actually I wanted less.

You see, even when I was a kid, I knew that I was never going to be a professional musician. (As a kid I was pretty sure I was going to be short-stop for the Braves...but that didn't work out). I wanted to play an instrument, sure, but I didn't want to play it as a professional. I have never cared about scales, proper techniques or metronomes. I have always cared about the Beatles, Guitar solos and sing-a-longs.

I always just wanted to play guitar as a hobby, not as a performer...and Craig (my teacher) gets that. I bring in a song I like...he shows me how to play it. It's nice because along the way he also shows me how to read music and how scales and techniques are incorporated into the I learn as well.

It's just great because when you learn about finger picking by playing "Blackbird" by the Beatles, you practice more and get a helluva lot more excited when you nail opposed to "finger picking exercise 3" from some music book.

All my life I've wanted to just would have been nice to learn how to be a picture perfect guitarist...but I don't really want that...never have. Basically, I'd love to get to the point where I can pick up my guitar at a party and strum a chord progression and have friends drink beer and sing-a-long with me. To me...that's my dream concert. Not a sold out show at Radio City Music hall...a concert full of covers, played for friends while having some beers.

Craig luckily is good enough to guide me towards achieving my dream concert, while also teaching me a thing or two about guitar. Without him, I would have hung up my 6 string long ago.

Also, if anyone is interested in hearing me play "Blackbird" or Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" grab some beer and come on over...I've got those two down.

Song of the Day: Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Beer of the Day: PBR

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