Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Roll 'em.

* So I love the cold weather...I really do....but I'm over it. It's really cold today and for the first time, thoughts of spring, march madness, derby, cookouts and well...warm weather have crept into my head. I want warm weather, NOW.

* We have a new president in case you just woke up and haven't checked everyone's facebook status. Yup, President Obama was sworn into office earlier today and let me just say, I thought it was pretty cool. His speech was inspiring and his little stumble while taking the oath actually made me smile a bit. He's been so calm and collected during the entire process, it was nice to see him get nervous a bit during such a big moment...although I'm sure many Barack haters are now going to claim that he's a moron...or that he isn't in fact our president somehow. Oh well, congrats to President Obama.

* On a side note, how scary is it going to be for President Obama to start work tomorrow (I imagine today is just full of parties)? The first day on the job is usually a bit overwhelming for regular people...I can't even imagine his first day. How do you decide what to work on first? I hope he decides to figure out how to make it rain money...that would be where I would start.

* While I was busy being pumped up about UofL basketball yesterday, I forgot to post this beast mode picture:
I just love T-Will, Samardo and Pitino's faces. It's like they're pissed you looked at them. But seriously, you shouldn't make eye contact with anyone in that picture...they have magic powers!

* I'm still perfect on my training, running 4 miles on Saturday and 14 miles last week total...it's becoming easier....easier to see that this is a terrible mistake.

* Anyone see the new Lebron James commercial? It's pretty cool, but it had some build up before hand that kinda made it a let down...here it is though:

* Does anyone know if calendars are on sale yet? I need a month by month calendar for my cube but I have always thought that paying anything over 50% off the original price for a calendar is one of the stupidest things you could do. Holla at me if you see any on sale.

* Andrew Bird has a new CD out today. I haven't heard anything about it or any songs off of it...but Andrew Bird is an artist who is LoB approved and that means I'll buy his album and you should too.

* Sadly the time has come again for me to get a haircut. As you all know...I hate haircuts. They don't ever look right, they're expensive and now Fritz's man salon (where Rick Pitino and I both get our hair cut) doesn't sell cocktails while you wait. Plus add to that the fact that I look like this kid the whole time:
It's just not a fun time...for anyone.

*Alright, that's all the tidbits I've got for today. I think I'm coming down with a cold which is exciting. Chicken Noodle Soup and Gatorade (Grape, Lemon-lime, Fruit Punch or Orange please) can be sent to my apartment at anytime.

Song of the Day: Third Eye Blind - Background
Beer of the Day: Schlafly - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


Melissa S. said...

I was at the mall yesterday and the 2009 calendars are 75% off at the "calendar kiosk". The selection looked limited though.

Benjamin said...

Hey, just so you know. Chief Justice Roberts said the wrong thing during the oath. That's why they stumbled. Don't worry, it's still all legit.