Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gold Medal Crush

Ok, because the Olympics are winding down...I'm going to share an embarrassing story about myself. Before I tell you this story I need you all to remember that you are my friends and most of you became my friends AFTER what I'm about to tell you occurred. Without further it goes.

We all know I love the Olympics. This year's Olympics have been especially grand, with the whole Michael Phelps deal, the Redeem Team, Keri and Misty, etc. But, there is one Olympics that will never be topped in my mind/heart. The Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta! Not even the 1992 Dream team in Barcelona can overtake the place of one team in my heart...the 1996 Women's Gymnastics team.

When the Olympics rolled around and I was 10 years old, I was all about them...well mainly I was all about this girl:
Dominique Moceanu! What a Fox!

***Note, I chose that specific picture to stress the point that I was a kid when this occurred.

Man I thought Ms. Moceanu was the best lookin' lady I had ever laid eyes on. I watched her whenever she was on TV that summer. I watched her bounce and flip during the floor exercise and my heart raced with every step she took on the balance beam. I LOVED HER!!!

As if my absolute infatuation wasn't enough, the women's team ended up winning the gold in exciting fashion, thanks to Keri Strugg's one legged vault. When they won, I was in awe as my sweet little Dominique received her gold medal. She made me so proud, how could she be any cuter than she was with that gold medal around her neck?

Well, the next night she melted my heart even more. The gymnasts held a "night of champions" with all the medal winners performing for fun. Wouldn't you know it, Dominique was doing a playful floor routine and then busted out into the macarena halfway through! OMG! I was floored, it was easily the cutest thing I had ever seen.

This is where the story turns south...and by south I mean gets really really lame.

The Olympics would soon be over, but even the closing ceremonies couldn't end my love. So I did what any love struck 10 year old would do...I built my very own balance beam and decided to practice in hopes of meeting her someday. I used three pieces of wood, a few nails and some red, white and blue paint (I needed a flag and all the gymnasts names on my beam). Also, it should be noted that my beam was only about 5 inches off the ground, otherwise I would be dead right now. I eventually mastered my cartwheel on the beam and that's as far as I ever got.

I had just about given up my dream of meeting my love, but then I got great news. The USA women's gymnastics team was going on a "Gold Medal" tour around the country...and they were coming to Louisville! I immediately begged my mom for tickets and luckily she bought me some (there were plenty available). We went out to Freedom Hall one Saturday afternoon and I got to see little Dominique perform her finest routines! It was a special day indeed, I even got a poster to commemorate the occasion.

As the years pass my love for Dominique has faded, I met some real girls and that distracted me from my fantasy...Also apparently Dominique was kinda mean and she even "divorced" from her parents a few years later (Who knew you could do that?). So, while my love fades with every day that passes, each Olympics reminds me of my crush on Ms. Moceanu and the way she used to twirl!

Sigh, I was such a cool kid.

Also, remember that occured when I was 10. All of you became/remained friends with me past that point! I don't play on my balance beam at all anymore (lie)...I don't even have it (bigger lie).

Song of the Day: The Jam - That's Entertainment
Beer of the Day: Furthermore - Knot Stock Pale Ale

PS. Two more fans with the addition of Amy and much for that Denzel guarantee.

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