Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday chatter

Lots of stuff going on in my world these days...

* Is anyone else totally depressed that the Olympics are over? I mean not only do I have to wait 4 more years, the Beijing games were just outstanding. From Phelps, to Bolt, to the ridiculous opening and closing was all good. Also, the men's volleyball team winning the gold after the coach's father-in-law was killed was awesome! Almost as awesome as the "Redeem Team" taking back the gold and celebrating like little school girls. The whole thing was wonderful...bring on London 2012!

* I went to "Alefest" this weekend in Dayton, OH. Have you ever been to Dayton, OH before? You know what is a fun thing to do there? Pack up and get the hell out! Just kidding, I heard that joke told before and I've always wanted to use it (Thanks Dave Attell). Dayton as a city may be kinda lame...but the brew fest was great. Breweries from all over coming together to celebrate craft beer! It was awesome. Flying Dog was by far the most fun booth, and I'll purchase more from them because of it.

* I bought a book shelf for my new apartment...and my mom got me a lamp. Wooo!

* My Morning Jacket performed in Dallas on Saturday night. They often do a nasty version of Erykah Badu's "Tyrone" and when they performed it on Saturday they got a special guest appearance from the soulful Ms. Badu herself. Check it:

I would have done terrible terrible things to have been able to attend that concert. Also, the video doesn't show it, but Jim sang the first verse like normal and then Ms. Badu came out of no where to wail on the rest. Can you imagine how soulful and how talented a child between Jim James and Erykah Badu would be? Also, try to imagine the hair on that would be nuts!

* The UofL vs. UK game is less than a week away and I have no idea who will win this game. I felt ok about it, but then we lost all of our wide receivers and apparently a starting linebacker. I will say that no matter who wins, I will hold my head high and be proud of my Cardinals. Also, if we lose...the first UK fan dumb enough to try to rub it in will be treated to an hour long session of me lecturing them on all the ways their life is a bit sadder than mine...regardless of the outcome of that game. Go Cards!

* I leave for Charleston on Friday to see Taylor! Woo-hoo!

* Did I mention how awesome Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade were yesterday? They were crazy awesome!

* Friday Lautaro came by to peep the new apartment, I think he liked it and seemed confident that he will be my roommate in a few months. I'm just thankful that I'll have someone to cuddle with when I get lonely! I call big spoon Laut!

* I thought I had one more thing to talk about...but I can't remember what it was. Oh well.

Song of the Day: Ryan Adams - Tears of Gold
Beer of the Day: Tommyknocker - Maple Nut Brown

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wilhelm. said...

you BETTER NOT be cuddling with lautaro! just because we're not living together anymore DOES NOT mean you can just go spoon with lautaro!