Thursday, August 07, 2008

When It Rains....It Pours!

You ever have that day where it doesn't matter what you's not going to turn out the way you want it too? Well I had a day like that yesterday.

It started during lunch. I had been awaiting two packages that I ordered about a week and a half ago, I tracked them online and it said that they could not be delivered because of in inadequate address. As it turns out, my PayPal account decided to leave off the numbers of my address. So I called the post office and found out that my packages were on their way back to the sender. COME ON!!

But that's not all. Later on, I decided to go get my car washed and get a wax rinse on it too since the hood was looking pretty crummy. So I pulled into the bay at the wash and pulled up until the green light turned red, and while I sat there I, I'm pulled up pretty far...but it gave me the stop sign and it didn't say, "back up" which was another light they had, so I thought oh well it should be fine. It wasn' only washed the back half of my car, and soap somehow got to the front but not the I pulled out of the bay with colored soap all over the front of my damn car!!!

Then, I went to Target to get some cords to hook up my DVD player to my new bad ass TV. I checked to see which cords I needed before I left, I bought the correct component cords at target and then I got them home and hooked them up just as the directions told me too. Do you think it worked? OF COURSE IT DIDN'T!!!

I thought about sitting there and letting all of this ruin the rest of my Wednesday night...but I didn't. I normally would have, but I didn't this time and here's why...shit happens. Some days are good...and some are bad...but you just gotta deal.

I sat there and thought to myself, at least I have a car that runs...even if the front is less shiny than the back. At least those packages are going to be re-sent to me...even if it takes longer. And, at least I am fortunate enough to have a nice TV...or a TV at all for that matter, I'll get the connection worked out eventually.

I can easily sit around and feel sorry for myself, but that's a waste of time and energy. I was pissed off until about 10 o'clock last night...but one thing I have learned in my 22 years is's never too late to start you day over. I wasted a good portion of my day, but the last 2 hours I was up were quite enjoyable. I played guitar, watched some sportscenter, and the Brett Favre situation is over (Go Jets), so it turned out a-ok.

Plus, I talked to Taylor a little while ago...and her day today is far worse than mine was yesterday...considering she has to herself (even though her boss promised she would have help) and she spent 4 hours today just dealing with the maintenance people trying to get a friggin' key to work for her new apartment. She's in her apartment now and everything has been moved...and she's dealing with it much better than I would have...if it were me I would have punched the first person I saw who was smaller than I was.

Sigh, there are gonna be times when things don't work when they should...but just keep your head up and realize that it is only gonna be as bad as you make it. It's ok to pout and feel sorry for yourself from time to time...but it's just a waste when looking back on it. Life's short, shit happens...Be Happy!

Also: I found this picture online and I wanted to share it with you guys...
That's not photoshopped. That's Darrell Griffith jumping over some 6'5 Polish defender at the World University games a while back. You want to know the crazy thing about the picture? Griff is on his way down...that defender was set to take a charge, and when he didn't feel any contact, he began to turn around to see what it turns out, Dr. Dunkenstein was just getting past him the best way he knew how...what a bad ass!

Song of the Day: Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy
Beer of the Day: XX Amber

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