Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Non-Sense

I really don't have much to talk about today. I was either going to come on here and talk about Fantasy Football, since my draft is tonight...or I was just going to post all of the youtube videos of the e-trade baby!

I know...I should have picked the youtube videos...that baby is awesome. But, because it's my blog, we do what I want...and we'll talk Fantasy Football today...and leave the stock baby for another.

Let me start by saying that I enjoy playing fantasy football. Here is how my league works. We have 8 teams, and each team has a "coach" and pays $15 bucks to play. I myself am the coach of the CrapBags, who happen to be the defending champions of the league...and have actually won 2 championships in the league's short 5-year existence. (A feat only matched by the CrapBags arch rival and nemisis...the Zuckercorns! (Ben's team)).

Side note: The name of my team comes from a "Friends" episode where Phoebe decides to change her name to "Princess Consuela Bananahammock" Her boyfriend Mike, played by the hilarious Paul Rudd, decides that he'll also change his name and he goes with...Crap Bag. He tells Phoebs that if she ever has trouble remembering his name...she should just think of a bag of crap! Truly a great "Friends" moment.

Ok, anyway back to FF. Once we draft our players for our teams...we play one other team a week and for every yard our players gain, touchdown they score...our teams get points. It sounds kinda childish...and it is. But, it's good for one thing...keeping you entertained while watching NFL Football.

If you're like me you don't really have a favorite NFL team. I claim the Packers...but I'm not a die-hard Packer's mostly because they have Brian Brohm. But, with Fantasy Football...I can legitimatley watch almost any NFL game and be concerned with who is scoring and such. It's awesome. It's also really strange though because it changes the way you cheer during the games.

For instance, Patriots' QB Tom Brady, is the franchise player for the CrapBags...he's been on my team for like the past 3 years. Usually if the Pats have the ball I'm cheering for them and I want them to score. But, if Laurence Maroney (The Pats running back) is handed the ball, breaks a few tackles and is headed for the endzone...I start screaming at the TV hoping someone on the other team will knock him down...or perhaps he'll step out of bounds. If I'm lucky enough to see him get tackled...I stop rooting for the defense and once again root for the hopes that Tom Brady will throw a TD on the next play. Get it? Of course you don't. The only way to understand is to play.

Now while Fantasy Football is exciting and you can shift your support for two opposing teams each shouldn't go too far. Some fools out there live for Fantasy Football. They spend thousands of dollars entering leagues and getting the top cheat sheets from ESPN's gross. Without a doubt each Fall several thousand couples go into relationship counseling because some men pay more attention to their Fantasy Football team than to their significant's sad really.

So yeah, if you like the NFL...try out some Fantasy Football. I'm sure you'll enjoy it...just don't take it too far.

* SIDE NOTE: If someone steals Tom Brady from me in tonight's draft...I will post terrible, horrible, embarrassing (photoshopped if need be) pictures of that person on this blog tomorrow. Tom is MINE...hands off!

Song of the Day: Elvis Costello - Blame It On Cain
Beer of the Day: Coors Light...Noah Style (It's my football beer)
(Also, "Noah Style" refers to the fashion in which I like to drink my "football inspired" Coors see I have a big UofL mug that holds two beers. So whenever football is happening I drink them two at a time...or two by two...hence "Noah" style.

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