Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Becky wins...for now

Well as we all know...Becky and I have been battling it out for a while now and no matter how hard I try I just can't get rid of her. Becky got a huge boost when I bought my new TV, but now she has picked up something that has made her an unstoppable force. That's right last night I bought this:

Yup...that's a kegerator!

Yup...that means I'll have draft beer at my fingertips at all times!

Yup...that means those 10-15 pounds I wanted to lose by October are feeling heavier than ever.

I know what you're saying, "Brian, how could you do it? Becky has been so bad to you and now you're just giving her ammo!" Well my friends, I got $100 off of my new how was I supposed to pass that up? I mean seriously...that's like putting a protein shake dispenser in front of Mitch's face and telling him it's $100 off! He probably would have bought it faster than I bought my kegerator...and trust me I didn't need a lot of convincing last night!

Here is the bright side though. This is a wise investment. I'm always going to drink beer...I always have and I always will! When I intended to get in shape in the first place I wasn't giving up beer...that'd be ridiculous. Now, if I buy a keg of beer it's going to end up saving me money in the long run as opposed to buying enough 6packs to equal the same amount of really all this is, is a money saving strategy.

Let me explain. A small keg from BBC here in Louisville costs about 35 or 40 bucks and it includes about 60 or 70 beers. That's 10 or so 6 packs. A 6 pack of BBC beer is about 8 bucks. So instead of getting 60 beers for 80 bucks I now get it for less than half of the price. See, everyone should have one of's really a sin not to! (If my math is off, ignore it...I'm a beer drinking English major for crying out loud, and it doesn't change the awesomeness of the kegerator!)

So there, this was actually the best and smartest purchase I've ever made. Now maybe my kids will be able to go to college with all the beer money I will save...or I could just get twice as much beer!?!?!?

As for Becky, she may have won the battle...but this is a war and October isn't here yet. I just need to stop drinking draft beer and watching my crazy awesome TV. It could still happen!


Song of the Day: Marvin Gaye - What's Happening Brother
Beer of the Day: New Holland - The Poet (Oatmeal Stout)

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