Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chalk Up Another One

That's right, it's time to add to my list of things I can't stand:
See the look in that lady's eyes? You know what it is? Regret. Regret because she married a gigantic tool box and he has no idea she's about to leave him.

Bluetooth headsets are officially on the Brian hate list! I mean really...these have to be the dumbest things on the planet.

Before I go on my 300 word rant about why I hate these things...let me admit that I'm not entirely sure how they work...but basically I think that you just can talk on your phone without opening the phone and while looking like a robot/space man all at the same time.

Now then, I went to Qdoba yesterday and I saw two people with their space gear on. One guy was sitting at a table, eating lunch, with his friend and the other guy was standing in line behind me. Let me tell you why this makes me so mad.

Let's take the guy at the table first. He's sitting there enjoying a nice meal with his friend/co-worker, but the whole time he is sending a message...his message is that he is such an absolute big shot that he has to be able to answer his phone...without his hands...at all times. He doesn't give a crap what his friend is saying, as long as they both realize how cool Mr. Bluetooth is with his ear piece. If I were this guy's friend...I would have sat there and extended my right hand toward him with an erect middle finger until he chose to remove his "piece." I know that sounds extreme...but that's pretty much what he's doing to his buddy anyway. No way I'm standing for that.

Now the other guy. He's standing in line...not holding anything...waiting to order. If his phone is to ring during this occasion (How could it not? He's obviously important), why couldn't he just answer it with his hands...like normal people? Well the answer is because he's a dick. He needs people to realize how special he is and how not only is he tech savvy...he's getting so many calls that he'll probably get one in line at Qdoba. It's the same reason his polo was totally unbuttoned. He wants people to know how manly he is with his dozen chest hairs. It's sad really.

I've heard some people say that they use their bluetooth in the car so they can focus on driving and have their hands free, then they just forget to take them off when not in the car because they're so use to it. B-B-B-Bologna. I mean seriously, if you're talking on the phone in the car...your ability to drive decreases no matter what...so what does it matter if you have to hold something or if you have some spaceship lodged in your ear?

Bluetooth head pieces are stupid...bottom line. If you know and support someone who wears one, or if you yourself wear one...feel free to argue your case. However, when I show you all the ways bluetooth head sets are lame and then point and laugh at you...you must then remove your ear piece and call me to tell me that you're sorry...and when you call I want you to hold that phone with your hand damn it!

Happy Tuesday!

Song of the Day: My Morning Jacket - Smokin' From Shootin'
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown

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