Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm really strugglin'

I've had a terrible time blogging the past few days. Usually I just can't wait to get on here and rant and rave about something...but these days I've got nothing. I dunno, here's a bunch of random stuff you might care about.

* College Football starts today...WOOOHOOO! South Carolina and N.C. State at 8 on ESPN! I don't know anything about those two teams this year...but I bet there will be some it'll be worth watching.

* Operation Dump Becky (3ish.0) is making a comeback. This week I've ran a total of 6 miles and I have stopped eating in between meals all together. Becky is still in good shape, but hopefully not for long. (I realize these achievements are not anything to write home about...but they are something to blog home about...and it's a start so what the hey!)

* I bought a table and a chair for my balcony last's gonna be sweet.

* So get this, I go to put on my old trusty Rainbow flip-flops today...the same pair I wore yesterday...and there are big cracks in the leather on both flops!!! I've had these bad boys for like 5 years and they've always been so good to me...I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end...someone hold me!

* Your 2008 CrapBag roster (backups in parentheses):

QB: Brett Favre (Philip Rivers)
RBs: Brian Westbrook, Larry Johnson (Thomas Jones)
WRs: Andre Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Greg Jennings (Kellen Winslow)
K: Adam Vinatieri (David Akers)
Def: Bears (Redskins)

I know, I didn't get Tom...I'm upset too. But as promised yesterday...a super awkward/embarrassing photo of the jerk who stole him from me:
Put your gun down you bad's scaring me.

* Anyone see Misty May and Keri Walsh on Letterman last night? Man, Misty is awesome!

* I bought a hair brush last night at Target because I figure if I'm gonna act like an adult I should at least run a brush through my hair every once in a while. Do you have any idea how expensive hair brushes are? The cheapest one...and it is CHEAP...was like 5 bucks! I mean I was under the impression that those were Target $1 section material. Man, no wonder I haven't brushed my hair in like a decade.

* Ok, because I jipped you yesterday (today too) and because I love it:

Alright guys, This may be my last post until next Tuesday, since I leave at 1 tomorrow for Charleston! Woooo! So if it is...GO CARDS and Happy Labor Day! (Pssst....anyone else think Lautaro just got that job so he didn't have to feel guilty about celebrating Labor Day? Me too!)

Song of the Day: Wolf Parade - Soldier's Grin
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red Ale (This beer is just ok, but it's from Louisville...and called Cardinal Red...and you get the point)

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