Monday, August 18, 2008

LouEvil Urges

It was a long weekend, full of some ups and a lot of downs...but we all made it through.

So, today I want to talk about a band. But, not any band...THE band.

A band that has melted my face for the past 5 years, but has been going for about a decade or so now. A band that has me feeling more proud to claim Louisville as my home each and every day. A band that played a homecoming show Saturday night that can only be described as...epic.
A band that is called...MY MORNING JACKET

As many may know, this has been my favorite band for quite some time...I'll never replace the Beatles as my all time favorite band, but MMJ is trying to make me at least consider making them co-number ones!

For those who have never heard of the band...I'm sorry. I would love to give you a description of what they sounded like...but I would never be able to give a description that is sufficient. Their influences range from Neil Young to Bread to Curtis Mayfield...and you can hear them all, and everything in between.

In an age where music is as abundant as ever, and arguably as watered down as ever...My Morning Jacket have hit it big...and for good reason. They bought a van about 10 years ago and began to travel and perform anywhere they could. Trips around Louisville, trips to Europe, anywhere they could play...they did.

Now it's paying off with their most recent album, "Evil Urges" debuting at #9 on the Billboard charts. Their leader, singer, guitarist Jim James is quickly becoming one of the biggest forces on the music scene...his voice is as unique as they come and it has often been described as angelic and spooky at the same time.

I could go on, I could talk about how I think Patrick Hallahan is the best drummer on the planet. I could talk about how they are my idols as rock stars, I could also talk about how much certain songs of their's mean to me...but it would all just be blabber to those who don't know the music or the band.

So here's what you should do. Go buy an album, I personally think that you could get any of their five and be fine...but that's me. If I were you and I was an MMJ newbie, I would buy Okonokos. It's a 2 disc live album that sums up their first 4 albums by hitting all the highlights. After that, move on to their newest album, Evil Urges, and work yourself back from there. Also, if you ever have the chance...see them live. Don't just go though. Go and get as close to the stage as you can and enjoy every ounce of emotion these five guys put into their show. You can thank me later.

If you're sitting their worrying that you're too old or too young to like this band, or perhaps you like country, or rap, or indie rock, or funk...and you just don't think you can get in to this band...well you're wrong. There were as many 50 year olds at Saturday's concert as there were 16 year olds and they cross genres so often that there is not only something for everyone in their catalouge...there is something for everyone on each and every album.

So please, don't do it for it for you...go get a CD or two and listen to it until you can't listen anymore...not because you're sick of it...but because it makes you want to cry because this is music that my generation can be proud to pass on to our children.

Song of the Day: My Morning Jacket - Magheetah, Steam Engine, Highly Suspicious, Wordless Chorus, Anytime, I'm Amazed, Thank You Too, Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2, Knot Comes Loose, The Way That He Sings, Phone Went West, I Will Be There When You Die

Beer of the Day: BBC - Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

Lou-isville, Lou-isville!

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