Monday, August 04, 2008

I've got a case of the Mondays

I'm very tired today. I know what you're thinking...and yes, I'm always tired at work. But today I'm especially tired and somewhat sore because I subbed for my brother's volleyball team yesterday. I hadn't played volleyball in a long time, but I was a 2-time city champion back in the day and I was super excited to play. The first game I felt good, I even blocked some dude at the net and made a few other nice plays. I was feeling good. However, about halfway through the second game my body started realizing that it was 100+ degrees in the sand and my body hadn't been through such a vigorous workout since the Clinton administration. Soon my body just shut off and I found myself not going after several reachable balls in order to keep my lunch in my stomach. Oh well it was fun...but it has left me drained on this blazing hot Monday.

So, in hopes of preventing myself from rambling on about something none of you care about...I'm going to share two YouTube videos with you guys.

These videos are wonderful, I think my college friends and I watched them both about 100 times last year...and they're still funny. Basically a couple of 20 something guys get one of their friends pretty drunk and then have them retell a historical story...but, to make it even better the people some how got Jack Black and Michael Cera to act out these ridiculous accounts of Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin.

So, without further ado...I present...DRUNK HISTORY!
Volume 1

Volume 2

Pretty awesome huh? Also, I figured out how to put YouTube videos right on the bout dem apples?

Have a good Monday everyone!

Song of the Day: Dr. Dog - Hang On

Beer of the Day: Magic Hat - Hocus Pocus

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Roy Lee said...

I watched those the other day and while they are still funny, there is an air of sadness when I'm not watching them from the Fireworks couch on the Wii.