Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

haha hah...tidbits....what a funny word.

*** The Olympics are still going on in case you didn't know and man are they amazing! Last night Michael Phelps won gold medal #3, the men's USA gymnastics team came out of nowhere to earn an impressive bronze medal and Kerri and Misty showed why everyone loves them. Be sure to watch tonight as Phelps goes for 2 more golds and tries to become the greatest Olympian ever!

On a side note, the Olympics has also helped me learn some math...this is good since I was an English major and often forget basic math facts. The equation the Olympics have helped me solve is this one:

4 hours of olympic coverage daily + 1 crazy awesome TV = The demise of operation dump Becky 3.0 (also it equals one happy Becky!).

Oh well, only like another week and a half and then I'll kick it in to gear with the even more popular...Operation Dump Becky 4.0 (El Cuatro!)

*** So if any of you have been on Facebook lately you may have noticed some weird wall posts from myself and others. Well it appears that Facebook is not as innocent as you may think. Apparently random people, including myself, have been given some facebook virus that makes you post on your friends' walls at random. It's really great, especially since many of the people I apparently contacted are not people I normally talk to...which then leads to super awkward facebook exchanges. This only goes to prove that you should not have more than about 100 facebook friends...no one on the planet has more than that many real friends...not even you Mitch...you social butterfly you.

*** Anybody see Brian Brohm's NFL debut on Monday Night Football last night? No? Me neither.

*** Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Check it out...I just made a sweet post on the Brouha Board. Double bloggin' is sweet!

***Chalk up another fan for the blog! Sunshine has been added to the crew. I know what you're thinking..."Brian, your blog is the bomb! How did you get Sunshine, the quarterback from Remember the Titans, to be a fan of your blog?"...Well, you see...it's my cousin Sunshine...not that badass QB. But mark my word, my 54th fan WILL BE Gerry Bertier! What? Oh, he died at the end didn't he? Well what the hell let's make a better prediction. The 54th fan of the Life of Brian blog...Denzel Washington! Take it to the bank!

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - Murder in the City
Beer of the Day: Dogfish Head - 90min IPA

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