Friday, August 01, 2008

Where have you gone Will Ferrell???

I saw Will Ferrell's new movie, Stepbrothers, last night....and it was awful. Did I laugh? Sure I did...but overall the movie was a disaster. No one in the world is a bigger Ferrell fan than me...but his last three comedy movies are not up to par.

First was Blades of Glory. It had moments, but was not up to par with old Ferrell classics such as Anchorman, Old School and Talladega Nights.

Next was Semi-Pro. I never saw this movie...but my 16 year old step brother Ryan said it was crap. Here is a little advice for you...if a 16 year old boy doesn't laugh at a Will Ferrell comedy movie...don't go see it. I can say any number of words that somehow relate to the human body and Ryan will laugh on demand. So that was all the proof I needed that Will was off his game in that one.

Now Stepbrothers. Like I said, there were a few funny parts, but it seems as though Ferrell and the producers have decided to just be as vulgar as can be and have that serve as comedy...well I'm not buying it.

So I'm a bit worried/sad today because even though Will Ferrell is still funny (anyone who watched the ESPYs can testify) it appears that the days of Frank the Tank, Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby and even Buddy the Elf are gone...and we are left with nothing but movies that are so vulgar and bad that there are no quotable lines...well at least none you would want to say in fear of having your mouth washed out with soap.

Bottom line...Will Ferrell...if you're reading, which I'm sure you are...think long and hard about your next movie and give the people another quotable classic...instead of another painful embarrassment.

I love you Will Ferrell!!! But please go back to doing things like this and even this.

Have a good weekend kids!

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