Friday, August 29, 2008


All hail to thee our U of L
As we stand up for her fame.
All hail to thee our U of L
As we fight to win this game.
Sing praises for a victory,
We wish our heroes well.
All hail the Cardinal Spirit.
All hail our U of L!

I said yesterday was my last post...but I lied. I wasn't going to post anything about the UofL vs. UK game on Sunday, but I made the mistake of listening to a sports talk radio show yesterday. And with sports talk radio comes hundreds and hundreds of idiotic fans...most of whom sound like this:

Billy from Pikesville:
"Yeah, long time listener, first time caller...I love the show! Anyway, I just wanna say that the Cats' defense is better by a lot than anything those little tweety birds can put out on the field. They ain't even got enough players to play cause of injuries...huh huh huh...I mean I just think it's simple to see that the Cats' are gonna win big on Sunday...34-6. I was wondering how you guys feel about that? I'll hang up and listen!"

It's makes you lose a lot of respect for humans. I know there are some ridiculous Cardinal fans as well...but lets be honest, the majority of callers are Cat fans...and the majority of them are dumb.

So am I nervous about the game? Yes, everyone is. Do I think the Cards will win? I sure hope so...because I can't take a repeat of last year...and neither can my right hand:
Damn you blown coverage and Noah Style Coors Lights!

Anyway, it should be a great game....well it should be a close game anyway.


I'm off to South Carolina in about 4 hours! WooHoo! Have a great weekend!

Song of the Day: The Get Down Click - Louisville, Louisville
Beer of the Day: BBC - Dark Star Porter

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