Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Brett Favre Saga

Okay, so surely everyone knows what the deal is with the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre. I really wanted to stay out of it, but now I must intervene since they are my new favorite football team thanks to this guy
So here is the situation like I see it...last season ends and Brett is a bit unsure as to whether he wants to play again. The Packers ask him to tell them ASAP so they can make plans without him if need be, he says ok...and announces he is retired. However, the season rolls around and Favre gets the itch so he says, "man, I'd really like to play again."

So let me get this straight. The best QB ever, who holds more records than Ear X-Tacy, who is coming off a terrific season, who was 2nd in last years MVP voting, made Wrangler jeans cool about a decade longer than they should have been, who is more manly than Chuck Norris, Sean Connery and George Clooney combined, who has never missed a game, and who has given Green Bay everything he had for the past 16 years wants to come back and play again?
This guy wants to play again???

But Green Bay gives this answer..."Ehhhh"

You see the Packers have already told back-up QB Aaron Rodgers that he could play. Oh you mean the guy who has never started an NFL game, who has as many interceptions as touchdowns (ONE!!! which happens to be over 400 less than Favre), and is not even cool enough to try on a pair of Wranglers?

Yeah that guy.

So what does Brett say, Well fine, if I can't play for you guys...why not let me play for someone else? You can trade me or release me or whatever.

But the Packers are not about to do that. They don't want him to play for them...but they sure as hell don't want him to play for someone else.

So, what do they do...they offer Brett Favre 20 MILLION DOLLARS TO STAY RETIRED!!! OH MY GOD!

That is easily the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Do you really think Brett gives a damn about money in the first place? Plus, he's got me! (I use Prilosec and it's not cheap)

Here's the bottom line: The Packers have messed this up. They should have let Brett play, after all he has done for them...they owe him as many seasons as he wants to play. But, they have some kind of love affair with Aaron Rodgers....well fine...let Brett go. He wants to play, let him play!

However, this is a great scenario for me...and a terrible one for Aaron Rodgers. First of all, I have nothing against Rodgers, but he has no way of succeeding. Unless he goes to the Super Bowl this year...the Cheeseheads will be screaming that they should have welcomed Brett back. Every incompletion, every INT is going to be hell for Rodgers...he will be run out of town in 3 years or less...paving the way for the next great Packer QB....
You really messed all this up Green Bay...but luckily you have Mr. Brohm...don't make me get mad at you'll end up in my RAGE CAGE...and trust me, you don't wanna be in my RAGE CAGE...IT'S A GOOD WAY TO DIE!

I need football!

Song of the Day: Nas & Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World
Beer of the day: Three Flyods - Alpha King

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Jake H. said...

I really loved "holds more records than Ear X-Tacy." Excellent work.