Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Things to consider while realizing that big (illegal) fireworks are a really really bad idea

Apparently some kids set off an entire pack and blew up their garage...I'm just saying, that wouldn't have happened if they just used sparklers, black snakes and those little twisty tanks! This guy knows what I'm talking about!
* I bought two new cds yesterday: The Helio Sequence - Keep your Eyes Ahead...and...Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer. My first impressions...meh. They aren't bad...but neither seem to have the ability to make me want to throw my life away by becoming a famous rock star (groupie).
On a really sad note, I had a music casualty yesterday as my My Morning Jacket Okonokos Disc 2 has a scar on it and can't play without skipping for more than 15 seconds. Not even three hours worth of tears yesterday was enough for it to be fixed...oh well.

* We had a Brouha beer tasting last night. We tried 9 different wheat beers and ranked them for taste, aroma, appearance and overall impression. I learned three things...1.) blind taste tests are tricky, 2.) The last few beers were a whole lot better than the earlier ones... weird, 3.) If I can't rank a beer strictly based on mouth-feel, then I have no business living anymore.

* It is a very very big day for me today. No not because it's hump day...this day only comes once a year....that's right...they updated the new Louisville Basketball roster! That means I get to know what number all the new players will be wearing (What a loser)! Samardo Samuels - 24, Terrance Jennings - 23!...It should also be noted that no new player chose 32, making it possible for Derrick Caracter to return! (Cue footage of me banging my head on my desk!)

* Time for the all important fan update! Just when it looked like we were in for the fight of our lives, the fan club picked up big numbers in the last 24 hours! Bringing in 6 new fans! Big welcome to Ben, Ryan, Dude, Drew, Kevin and John! Thanks for coming around gang! That means with all of today left, all Thursday and then till midnight on Friday...we need only 14 fans! It's still a lot, but we can do it!

* Now for your humor for the day. This is a video my Dad came across...and it's just so sad. We all know a guy like this, someone who just doesn't know when to stop, or count how old he is. It's just sad...but also really really funny.

One more day till the weekend...well not counting today, if I'm out of bed and at work I can go ahead and check that day off the list...WOOOO!!!

Song of the Day: Youth Group - Lillian Lies
Beer of the Day: Blue Moon (apparently I kinda like this beer...damn taste tests)


Roy Lizzle said...

In my opinion, we would have to say that the guy in the video totally Mitched it...

Brian said...

indeed he did....indeed