Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday's long post...

since I let everyone down the last 10 days or so!

I was going to recap my trip to the beach in full detail...but let's be honest, that would just be mean. It was bad enough that I got to go to the beach, but then I didn't even keep in touch with you guys...so for me to brag about how nice it was to be on the beach...well that would just be poor form.

So instead I'm just going to try and talk about other things that have popped into my head the last few days.

* The ESPYS. Please tell me you watched them. This is by far the world's greatest award show. Not only is it about sports, it's full of great stuff...the show always makes you laugh, cry and shake your head at why Francisco Garcia and Brian Brohm don't win the majority of the awards. Also, they always find a way to give Will Ferrell an award. However, this year I was a bit scared because they gave the hosting duties to Justin Timberlake. Now I don't really hate the guy, but it seemed an unusual choice and I was scared it would be stale. Well I was wrong. He was great, funny and entertaining. Also, Greg Oden is the funniest/coolest basketball player alive. It was great year in sports and the show proved to be just as amazing. Try to catch it if they air it again.

* Remember that mystery e-mail I got from the eBay guy? Well he actually sent me the jersey! However, when I got it the package was marked "Baby Shirt" several times on the outside. So I thought I was in for a nice mini jersey. Turns out it is a normal man size jersey...minus the sleeves which are a little tight. So yeah, it turns out that Nan Tharat is a stand up guy who did not sin after all. I am a bit disappointed that he didn't send himself with the jersey as promised...but oh well. Now I just have to loose some of my ginormous arm muscle in order to make my Liverpool jersey fit!

* So the Derrick Caracter saga has a new twist. Turns out that if he pays his own way to school, finds a new place to live, works out daily and finds a job for the next year...he can play basketball the next year for UofL. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I would bet my house on the side that says he won't ever wear a UofL jersey ever again. But, please DC...prove me wrong...I don't even have my own house and when you try you're a monster!

* As you might expect the loneliness of Taylor leaving is sure to set in big time this week. However, Jake is making a trek from Texico to Kentucky and he's bringing Leslie with him...which also means Will is coming in to see them too! It should make for a great weekend, and it will keep me off of bender status for at least a little while longer.

* Everyone knows I'm a UofL fan...and I don't care too much for UK. Now, I realize that there are some intelligent UK fans and their are some ignorant UofL fans...but in my lifetime I have met about 10 times as many ignorant UK fans than UofL fans...although with people continuing to badmouth UofL football...it makes the number creep closer to even everyday (NOTE TO ALL WHINY UofL FOOTBALL FANS: SHUT UP! This is our team so start supporting them or go root for someone else. The Coach, players, AD and school do not owe you anything...so root with pride win or lose and stop making us all look like jackasses). Ok back to my whole point about UK fans and how they never cease to amaze me. At the beach we hung a UofL flag from our house. Everyone there was UofL fans and all we did was just hang our flag to show our pride for the school and the city. However, one day I looked out the window and noticed a nice message written in the sand that read, "Louisville SUCKS! GO CATS!" That's marvelous. I mean if you feel it necessary to do that...well way to have the stones to do it when no one was around...and way to be creative. I mean even the lousy "We have 7 championships" is a little better than that. So to sum up my point...UK fans continue to show that even out of state they are creative, amazing, clever geniuses. (Sorry to the UK fans who read this blog...I love all of you...except Todd because he's a turncoat...and I love him too...but it's still a shame and I have to mention it every time I can)

* I got a haircut, and let me tell you...I hate haircuts! I'd get in to it and tell you why...but it would take much too long. Just know that I do and one day when I don't have anything else to talk about...I'll tell you all about it. I do look sexy though!

*52 fans now with the addition of my aunt Sherry.

* So now that I'm back from vacation I have to start Operation Dump Becky 3.0! For those that don't know...Becky is the yeast baby that has been growing in my belly since I started college. She is pretty large these days and because of her...some of my pants don't fit as well as they used to and my athletic ability is dwindling...so I'm gonna get rid of her. (I call it Operation Dump Becky 3.0 because operations 1.0 and 2.0 failed miserably...mainly because I kinda like Becky and she's so damn cuddly...but it's time for her to go now!) Now, I'm not going to do something crazy like stop drinking or stop eating Taco Bell. Instead, I am just going to drink less, eat less and do at least one hour of activity every single day. That could be jogging, it could be swimming or playing tennis or basketball...but everyday I'm going to do it. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by October 1st. I'll keep you updated on my progress...wish me luck.

* Being at work the day after vacation is nothing if not lousy. I need a beach chair and a beer in a hurry! Sigh.

Beer of the Day: Abita - Turbo Dog
Song of the Day: Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight)

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