Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the Day

Last night was a good time for me. Growing up I used to be a sports nut (not unlike today), and I would collect anything and everything I could get my hands on. From baseball cards, to action figures, to jerseys, to bobbleheads, I collected it all. However, my favorite things that I collected were called "Headliners." They were these little figures of sports players with really big heads. Here is one of Emmitt Smith:
Anyway, I found a whole box of these guys last night. I had about 150 of them, and I looked at everyone. To tell you the truth, I kind of forgot that I had them...but looking at each one last night was really a great time. It made me feel like a kid again as I pulled out every tiny basketball, football and baseball player imaginable. As it turns out I owned a wide variety of players...and I even had three Dennis Rodmans each with a different color hair. As I sit here at work today, it has me thinking about what else might be in our storage room from my childhood. What else could I find that would make me smile and feel young again? I dunno, but you can bet I'm gonna look in the next few days. What about you guys out there? Do you have anything stuck in your house somewhere that you used to love but haven't thought about for years? Well I tell ya...go get it! It will be the best thing you have done in quite sometime...I promise!

On a side note...I found some old yearbooks too. I know this may seem lame, but the reason it was so cool is that I found one from 1991, which had the 8th grade pictures of Jim James and Patrick Hallahan, the lead-man and drummer for My Morning Jacket. It was pretty wild to see that these guys that I idolize were just a few years a head of my brother at St. Martha. Also, I learned that Jim was on the basketball B team, ha...too bad they didn't have a school team that judged talent on the ability to melt faces...Jim and Pat would have been the coaches of that squad.

Also, here is a link for all of you to go vote on espn to make Louisville the nation's Titletown! I know you guys aren't all UofL fans or even sports fans...but Louisville is a great sports city even without the Cards. So do this great city a favor and take 2 seconds and vote for the 'Ville. If you plan on using that link and voting for another won't work...I've set it so a giant hand will come out of your computer and slap you in the face me I know technology...I have my very own blog after all!

Until tomorrow children!

Song of the Day: Better Than Ezra - Good
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier (I think it's actually called like Amber beer now...but that's crap it's Altbier...everyone knows it)

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