Tuesday, July 08, 2008

50 Fan Thank You

Ok, so we made the fifty fans by the fourth goal...so now there are a few things we need to do.

1.) I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who joined, and all of you who encouraged your friends to join. I keep saying that this blog is bigger than just one or two people...and it is!
Here is perk number one of being a "Life of Brian" fan. Since we have a decent size following, and it is a pretty diverse group with a wide range of location and age, this is a resource that everyone should use. If you ever have a problem or need some guidance in some way just let me know and I'll mention it on here...and if you ever see someone in need of something and you know how to help them out...then just let me know and the proper advice will be given to the person in need. It could be something serious like...I need a new car, what do people recommend. Or something as small as, "so and so is going to Austin, Texas...does anyone know anything exciting to do there?" Get it? I'll start it off by seeing if maybe someone can help me with one of my problems...

I want a pair of brown casual boots that I can wear to work with jeans. Not cowboy boots, not work boots, not motorcycle boots and not hiking boots...I really would like them to look something like this.
I've looked all over and I can't find them...does anyone have any suggestions?

See, now we have at least 50 people who are thinking if they know where to get some kick-ass boots! 50 minds scattered in age, across the nation are a lot more productive than just one...so if you need something or have a question...just let me know and I'll post about it. Don't be shy.

2.) Still encourage people to read this blog! Just because we reached our 50 doesn't mean we should stop there. Why not get 100 fans by Halloween? I would say sooner but I only know 27 people so the fact that I have 50 fans is a minor miracle! So yeah, keep spreading the word.

3.) Now what you guys have all been waiting for...the official prize/celebration for reaching our goal of 50 fans by the fourth! All I said was that it would involve beer and not pants! Sooooo, you lucky 50 with your names over there from Mom to Catherine are entitled to one beer bought for you by me (max value $5). That means sometime in your life...you can redeem your prize. If we are sitting at a party together and I have a six pack of something and you are thirsty...then I will give you one and fulfill your reward. If we are at a bar, I'll buy you each one beer. So, one way or another...one drink is on me (If you don't like beer...or aren't of age...we'll discuss something). As far as the pants go, well when we have said drink it's your choice as to whether or not we wear pants or not while drinking...or I guess it may ultimatley be up to the manager of the bar. So anyway, you got that going for ya.

Ok, that's all really...I gotta get back to work...what do you think I do write blog entries all day?

Song of the Day: George Harrison - Behind That Locked Door
Beer of the Day: New Holland - Full Circle

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Leslie Hast said...

I did a little online shopping for you!

Here's a brand called Frye that looks pretty promising, but pretty expensive:

I thought these had some neat detail:

These are interesting and a reviewer said "the girls seem to love them"

You should really just look around on Zappos. They have a ton of pictures and info for each pair, and best of all, they have free shipping!

I'm also a huge fan of Camper shoes. They might not be exactly what you're looking for but perhaps worth a look?