Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Day

I am in a shitty mood. Pardon my French, but that's just the way it is. I woke up this morning and the whole day I have been pissed at the world. Do you want to know why I'm in such a bad mood? I have no idea. This happens to me about once a month when I don't get enough sleep or I watch one too many episodes of "The Girls Next Door" I just get really angry, and there isn't any explaining it. I am fully aware that I am being a bastard, but there is no hope. I just want to be left alone. In fact, one time I was having a day like this and some kid heard me talking about it and said, "Hey, I know just the song for you today." Before I could threaten him he was like, "Yeah, it's called 'Bad Day' and it goes 'So ya had a bad d..'" before he could finish singing that horrendous line...I was quick to reach my fist through his stomach and rip out his spine. Uggggh.

I have been trying all day to figure out why I'm in a bad mood and here is what I have come up with.

1.) I woke up kinda late, it started to rain just as I was walking from the house to my car, I hit every light on the way to work and it is kinda rainy outside.
- I don't think this is the case because that stuff happens a lot. Plus, I like rainy days.

2.) I'm finally having such terrible sports withdraw that I can't stand it. I mean seriously, I like baseball...but not all the time. Also, I like Brett Favre...but I don't care anymore. I need UofL sports...NOW!
- This could have something to do with it...but I go through this all the time during the summer and it's never been too bad.

3.) People are pissing me off to the point where my brain hurts.
- This is probably now let me explain.

ESPN had this month long event where they had 20 cities and each day they profiled one and showed why it should be America's Titletown. There was Boston, New York, LA, Chicago, and Louisville too (Did you guys vote?). Anyway, all of these towns were worthy competitors, with pro teams, college teams, the derby, muhammed ali, etc. But, after they profiled all the cities they let America vote on it...guess who won? Just guess, seriously....Valdosta, Ga.


I mean really? I am a sports geek and I have never even heard of the place. It just goes to show that you really shouldn't let the American public vote for anything. I mean it was bad enough when Reuben Studdard "beat" Clay Aiken (I'm still pissed)...but now this? It's out of control. I'm not even sure the American public should be able to vote for the president...I know democracy, blah, blah, freedom, blah, blah. But, have you met a lot of the people out there? It's bad.

For instance, I went to get my oil changed the other day. I got out of my car, and the guy working there asked my name so he could enter it in the computer. The conversation went like this.

Me: Brian
Oil Man: Last name?
Me: Insert last name
Oil Man: Can you spell that?
Me: U, apostrophe,
Oil Man: ...

(The next full minute is spent with me staring at him as he tries to figure out what language I was using)

Me (after about 90 seconds): It's like a comma in the air.
Oil Man: Oh, ok

(30 more seconds pass)

Me: You can just leave it out and move on to the S.
Oil Man: Ok, that's cool.

I mean really? Have you never used a contraction before? Maybe written a sentence while making something possessive? The best part is that he was the friggin' manager of the place!

DAHHH, I mean it's just amazing...and sad. I know America is a great country...I just don't know how sure I am that they should be able to decide on important things like the President, and Titletown. This is clearly why Project Runway is such a good show. They don't let fools at home decide things about fashion...they let hot woman and gay guys decide...because they are the people who SHOULD decide what is fashionable. Seriously, everyone take note...PR is the shiz!

I'm not totally convinced that this is why I'm in a bad mood...but it will do for now. F'in Valdosta, GA.

Song of the Day: Ben Folds Five - Song for the Dumped
(Best song to listen to on a bad day, but it has bad be careful)

Beer of the Day: Sam Smith - Taddy Porter


Anonymous said...

Hmm...that's bizarre. You're in a really bad mood like once a month??? Why in the world would that be?

Sorry to rain on your already crappy day, but when I read that I laughed out loud.

Brian said...

Ha Ha, you're so funny Ben!