Monday, June 23, 2008

Given the choice...I'll Take "Love Actually" every time

Happy Monday Brian fans!
So I had a pretty good weekend. Highlighted by going out to Cumberland Brews on Saturday night for Ben's birthday with Ben, JohnBen, Taylor, Chris, Chris, Faye, Steve and Mike. No so much highlighted by getting my first ever speeding ticket. Dang!

Anyway, last night I went over to Taylor's and watched, "No Country for Old Men." This movie is supposed to be brilliant and such...but it was really just depressing.

I've never been one for really scary/serious/sad movies. I have always been a big fan of uplifting movies. Here is why...If I'm going to take two hours or so out of my life to watch a fictional story...why would I want to come away feeling sad about my life or the world in general? I realize a lot of people love these kinds of things because it makes them "think" or it shows the complexity of human beings...well that's dumb. I think plenty on my own (especially during my marathon showers...but that's a story for another day) and if you need a crazy story about a murderer to show you how different and complex some people can be...well you have some serious problems yourself.

Maybe it makes me lame that I have never seen some "classic" movies (Scarface), but claim "Love Actually" as my favorite movie. But, if I'm watching something fictional for two hours of my life...why not watch something that makes me feel good about life and the people around me. If I wanted to be sad I would think about things that were real problems in my flying squirrels, the Derrick Caracter saga or Man Bear Pig.

So, if crazy slasher movies...or super depressing movies (Pay it Forward)...happen to be what you like, well congrats to you. But, I chose to be happy after watching movies...luckily Taylor also rented "Wayne's World" so we can watch that tonight!

Song of the Day - The Avett Brothers - Paranoia in B Major
Beer of the Day - BBC Nut Brown

P.S. Jimmy Dan and Valerie are now fans...I think that makes 10! 40's gonna happen!

I also want to just let everyone know that I realize there are grammar mistakes and such in this blog everyday. I thought about going back and changing them, but I feel like that would take away from the validity of the blog. The things I write are just whatever I'm feeling at the if I were to edit them in any way, it would soon become a bit fake. Sorry Centre College English department...I know you taught me better.

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