Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, let's hold it together...We've come way too far to blow this now!

So, it seems as though I miscounted the number of fans. It is still 18 but that's with the new additions of Taylor, Patrick and Leigh (who joined a while ago without knowing and I forgot to mention her...sorry). So as of Friday 6/27 at 1:16 p.m. We have 18 fans. The names are listed over to the left now so if you think you're a fan and you're not on the me ASAP. Whooo, that was a close one. Now everyone can move on with their lives!

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Dante said...

I'm lovin' the blog, Brian. I don't read a lot of blogs but I read enough to know that you are missing an important part, though.

Where's the part where a guy named something like IPAINTEDMYBALLSRED_03 says "UK sucks"? And then a guy named IPEEBLUE says "Oh yeah? U of L sucks more".

And then they have this long intellectual discussion about the relative merits of their favorite institutions of higher learning.

I guess that's probably coming soon.