Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One more thing!

I almost forgot to say Congrats to the Boston Celtics. Not only did their celebration look like the most fun/genuine celebration of any pro sports team I can was their first championship since 1986. See even though it's been really long, you can still win basketball championships past 1986...your move Cardinals!

In addition, I'd like to proudly announce that we have two more confirmed fans for the blog. Lautaro and my Dad! Woo-hoo, I'm predicting 50 fans by July 4th! For the record, all you have to do to be an official fan is mention the blog to me in an e-mail or in any conversation that we have. This will be enough to prove that you love me and actually wasted your time reading my blog. 16 days left to get 44 new fans! We are gonna do it! (Notice I said, "We"...Because there is no "I" in Brian. Well maybe there is, but it's not a capital "I" and therefore would not be proper to use.)

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