Monday, June 30, 2008

Well that was fun

Yikes...that was an unhealthy weekend.

With many of my college friends about to ship off to various parts of the country to focus on being adults...most of us were able to get together for one last weekend!

On Friday Matt, Leigh and Roy Lee came to Louisville to hang out for a while. After dinner at Ramsi's, we went to Qdoba for the excellent $1 domestic, $1.50 import beer deal they offer on Friday and Saturday nights! The music was awful which was made worse by the jorts wearing keyboardist who was literally making love to his jams (gross), but we sat inside and chatted and learned about Mitch's attempts to pick up women by jumping through windows and pushing them...he's amazing. Then we went back to Taylor's to avoid the thunderstorm....but not before picking up some big cans of beer (I only like them because they make me feel like a midget). After the rain stopped Mitch, Taylor, Lautaro, Roy Lee and myself walked up to cafe 360 for some breakfast food and more drinks. This is where the night got bad as it began to rain on us, Lautaro and I sang "If I had a Million dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies and then I shamelessly put that picture I made to recruit fans as the background on the cafe 360 computer! I'm a moron...but it was fun.

Saturday we went to Lexington for Danielle's 21st b-day. Chase, Gera, Will and Kathleen joined our crew from Louisville the night before at Danielle's for a night of barguments (Who would win in a fight: a lion or a bear?...totally a bear) and drinking. The best part of the night was Danielle's dad who apparently used to embarrass Danielle by picking her up at her friend's houses by showing up with one of his friends and pretending to be lovers. He gave us a bit of a performance...and it was hilarious.

So yeah it was a good weekend to say the least, and with Leigh leaving for Alabama to work for Southern Living magazine and Taylor leaving for grad school at College of Charleston this Saturday (Boo), it is the next round of departures among a group that has had many good times together, and will continue to in the future...just not as often.

Now for a fan update!!! You may have noticed that we are up to 26 (list is on the left)!!! With additions from Will, Roy Lee, Gera, Danielle, Chase, Matt, Meg-Stand and Lauren! Welcome aboard gang...we are now more than halfway there, but time is running out...not even my idiotic attempt to put my face on Cafe 360's computer desktop gained any extra fans. I'm not giving up yet...but we need to get the word can and will be done!

That's all for today people...sorry for a somewhat mild post...but it is Monday and after this past weekend...I think we're all just lucky that I'm out of bed.

Song of the Day; Dispatch - The General
Beer of the Day: Gatorade - Fruit Punch (let's give the beer a bit of a rest)

Also, Taylor and I went to see Wall-E last night. For my money it doesn't get much better than Disney Pixar movies! Can't wait for Toy Story 3!

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