Saturday, June 14, 2008

Things That Annoy Me

I used to have a list of three things that I could not that list is getting larger and larger.

Here are the basic three
1.) Looking at the microwave to see what time it is and having it tell me it's ":17". First of all, if you want to cook something for 30 seconds...don't put it in for 45 and then stop it..just put the damn thing in for 30 seconds. But if you must take your hot pocket out early, please hit the clear button. I can't stand to look at the microwave to see what time it is and have it read ":31"

2.) Wet Jeans. Not wet jeans like I just jumped in a pool with my pants still on. Wet jeans rained a little bit and I walked outside and now my jeans are soaked from the calf down! How does it even get that high! Uggh.

3.) Yellow Mustard. Because it is gross...and yellow.

Now for the new members.

1.) Bikers. Hey...I'm on a bike! we're just like cars, so we are allowed to slow up traffic as much as we want, even if there is room for me to move off to the side. Also, if there is a red light...I'm on a bike and I'm gonna go through it because I'm on a bike and anyone whoever thinks I'm a car is a moron. Also, I'm gonna ride on the sidewalk whenever it looks like fun! F' Bikers. If I could figure out how to knock them off of their bikes and not harm them too badly...I'd do it.

2.) I-pod lovers. I have an i-Pod and I like it...but I hate those people who can't live without it. For instance I went to Home Depot to get some mulch the other day and next to me is a guy who clearly can't pickout mulch without hearing "Creed's Higher." Which brings me to my next part...why would you turn it up so loud that I can just hear a little bit of your crappy music. i-Pods are great...but not when in the hands Creed fans.

3.) Bad waiters/waitresses. Taylor (my girlfriend) and I went to Tumbleweed the other night and our server was awful. I asked for more chips...three times. About 15 mins later she plops some chips on our table and says, "Sorry. I know you asked like 5 times." Well, excuse me Flo...if you know I asked you 5 times why not try to bring it by at least the third time? She did the same thing when I asked for a water. The best was when our food took a long time to come out and she says, "Man, I have no idea where your food is!" Well that makes me feel good, since clearly I have no idea where it is! Also, I hate when waiters sit down at your table to take your order...YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BRING ME WHAT I WANT.

Ok, sorry to get things off to a nasty start...but those things have just been buggin' me. I promise happier posts in the future.

Song of the day: My Morning Jacket - Highly Suspicious

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