Friday, June 20, 2008

They say it's your birthday...Brother Benjamin!

Today is a special day. Not only is my older brother Ben celebrating his birthday, it is his 25th birthday! He is now halfway to 50 and a quarter of the way to 100! UGH! Anyway, if you see him today...tell him he's old, but he should have a good birthday anyway.

In honor of Ben's birthday I thought I would share a funny story about Ben. While there are many to choose from (tollbooth, leaving his car running at circuit city) I decided on one particular one...since it has to do with his birthday.

When Ben was two or so...a time before I was even born...he loved watching Sesame Street. So, my mom sat him down in front of the TV one day and told him to pay extra special attention to the part when Big Bird (or whoever?) said happy birthday to some kids. However, after the segment was over, the commercials began to run and Ben sat there...unimpressed and confused as to why he was to watch that part of the show so closely. My mom just sat their and shook her head. Big Bird did not wish Ben U'Sellis a happy birthday that day...but he did give a big happy birthday to...Benjam Usalli. The moral of this story...other than learning how to read if you're going to run a kids TV that while Ben's b-day was a little less fabulous that year. A poor little middle-eastern kid got the surprise of his lifetime...when Big Bird wished him Happy Birthday, even though it was on the wrong day...and little "Benjam Usalli" probably didn't even speak English. Oh well...It was still magical for Benjam and Benjamin!

Anyway, Big brothers tend to have quite an influence on their younger brothers and I can say that no brother on the planet has impacted their younger brother more than mine (yikes!). Happy Birthday're the best! (My mom is totally crying)

Also, in honor of that tear-jerking brotherhood moment, I thought I would share the all-time greatest Ben and Brian picture...It's from the U'Sellis brother drink off 1988. I lost that year, but I think I'll win this year!

Song of the Day - The Faces - Ooh La La
Beer of the Day - Pabst Blue Ribbon (for Benjam)

Also, a warm welcome to Jake...he's now an official fan. Only 43 more!

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